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O/T I think I've just been sacked!!!

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As you all know I've had health problems since I came back from holiday in May this year and had to have an op.
My work seemed very understanding about me not being able to come into work as the 1 hours drive to get there was just far to painful for me to handle (it made me physically sick!:cry:). They told me just to let them know when I was able to come back as they'd leave a space open for me (it was on a self employed basis but that was only for tax reasons! naughty people!).
I'm finally ready to go back so I called them to let them know only to be told that they've just taken on 3 new people and there is no room for me anymore unless I am only going to do one day which is a Friday.:mad::cry:
Lucky for me I've just started a job at a bank (which was meant to be a second job!:mad:) so I'm not completely without an income but it means that I can't afford to pay back the overdraft I've been living off for the last 6 months because being self employed I've not been getting any sick pay!!!:cry:
Sorry to rant but I'm just so upset and angry!!!:cry::cry:
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Oh hun, i'm sorry. I'm sure you'll find something bigger and better soon.
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hey kelly,

sorry to hear about your situation. surely they cant do that? they didnt even phone you or anything

Nope not even an e-mail!!! Because I was on a self employed basis apparently they can terminate my contract whenever they see fit.:cry:
Thats a terrible predicament to be in. I hope you can get something sorted soon, its so close to christmas !!


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Oh Kelly. What a worry for you :hug99:

I'm partly self employed, and though I can't claim sick pay, I believe I can get incapacity benefit.

Not that I have ever as I have a phobia to form filling!

Might be worth checking though.

Lots of hugs.


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Oh Kelly im so sorry. What absolute ar*es!!!!!! Its infuriating! I work my butt off for my company and im sure you did too. Its upsetting to know that people are all about money these days and dont care about the individual. Where i work when people had been there 40 years and retired they were taken out for dinner and their wife given flowers and everything....now once you finish your last shift thats it! They dont care!
So sorry honey.
Taz x


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Kelly hope you get sorted soon, could the Citizens Advice help you? I don't know much about being self employed, but I'm sure your company can't do that to you!
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Kelly hope you get sorted soon, could the Citizens Advice help you? I don't know much about being self employed, but I'm sure your company can't do that to you!
They can because they have offered me one day a week which shows that they are still letting me work there but on reduced hours. Only problem is I can't work set days a week because my husbands days off change every week and I can only work when he's off. It's not like it's a new thing to them because that's the way it's always been and they were fine with me changing my days every week providing I let them know what days I'd be in the week before. What they are offering me just isn't workable for me and my situation (I'm wondering if they realise that and are using it as an excuse to get rid of me for someone new that costs less!!!).:mad::mad::mad:
sorry to hear your news think surfhunny has made a good point the citizens advise. Also hve you any paperwork at all from them ??? May help, definatly sounds as if they have been very clever offering you something you cant take.Must admit i would have thought that if they knew of your problems re what days you can work, they should have offered you something more in line with what you had in place already. Good luck :0)


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poor you, how horrible especially this time of year.
i`d definately try cab, but i`m too self employed and quite often have people just rung me up and said no need to come again.
it`s so annoying when you have budgeted that money in.


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So sorry to hear of your news Kelly. Hope your health improves and something turns up for the better soon xxx


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That sucks completely, huggs from another freelancer. It's tough when your ill.

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