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O/T I'm Already Christmas Crazy


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
We're not even in December yet and I've got some of my Crimbo decorations up lol!
I was bored, started thinking of food, so to preoccupy myself, I decided to get cracking with the decorations. The front door is done, the kitchen window is done, the stair banister is done.
Ethans Christmas presents are wrapped and by my little tree :D I'm still not finished though, still doesn't look Christmassy enough.

I've officially lost the plot haha! :D My house is going to look like Santa's Grotto by the time I;m finished.
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Noooooooooooo Abbie, that is sooooo wrong!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
haha! I know! :D but yet it feels soooooooo right! :D
I think what ever you have to do to keep your hands busy and your mind off food is fine. Your house sounds like it will be amazing at Xmas. I am always on last minute. Yeh Xmas. X x x

Ha, ha...overkill anyone??? Abbie, I put up all my decorations lat week, finished on Saturday...all that's needed now is the tree which I'll get in December the minute they are for sale. Feck it...the run up to Christmas is always the best time for me, I decided to jump in with both feet and get that happy feeling for me and my friends..it's been a crappy year for a few of us...we're going to say goodbye to it in style and enjoy as much of the last few weeks of it as we can :p...although I will admit I went a lot overboard with the snow felt...everything is covered with it..well all except the tv...but it all looks so Christmassy..it's great!!

Doesn't the house look so much better though with the decorations? Mine does, the fire just seems all the more cosy now....x
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Will be thin god dammit!!
You people are mmaaaddddd!
But hey - what ever floats your boat and if its stopping you slipping up while on the plan then good for you! x
Hey .....crimbo crazies....you make me laugh.....good on you!!!! I keep getting reminded by my DD....but gonna wait till next week....hopefully when things are not so hectic!!!
I am with you Abbie.. As early as you can get away with hun!! lol

I love all the decorations and the twinkly lights.. It feels lovely on a chilly evening, being indoors.
I think we should start a thread and post photos of our decorations so we can get ideas... I love seeing what other people have got and how it looks, then i can go and copy it!!! lol

Christmas is only once a year, so who cares if we go overboard??

ENJOY IT!! x x x
Haha you are mad i don't put mine up till 12 days befor but i do have most of my xmas pressies bought already i sing along to xmas songs in shops i love christmas :xmascheers::4616::26:but hate winter

debz x
I put my trees up a couple of days before Xmas but take them down again on 2nd January as by then the needles are everywhere and the cats are hellbent on destruction!

Takes me hours to decorate them though, I put 7 footers in both the dining and the sitting room with 3 sets of lights on each and 4 black bin bags full of baubles .......I love doing it, but this year is going to be a worry as Paul is going to have to do them as I will be on crutches and won't be able to bend. Last one he did was over 20 years ago before we lived together and it was, as his 5 year old son said at the time, pathetic! He does put loads of lights up outside though and lights up all the trees in the drive.....

Can I have a volunteer from one of you crimbo loonies to do them for me!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I'll do it if you give me a ladder Sandra lol! I'm only 5ft, and you'll get a topless tree if I do it without a ladder :D lol
Abbie, if you only lived down the road I'd have you round like a shot!

I think everyone's enthusiasm is wonderful, if a little bizarre when it's still only November x


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I think we're all channelling our energies into something other than food, so it's great! It's given me something to focus on for a while and also takes my mind off the dreary weather. I find that as soon as January comes around, it doesn't seem so long til Spring and the clocks go forward again. :D
Aw Sandra. Why go to all that trouble for so short a time. Get your trees up and done before you go into hospital. That way you will have something gorgeous and festive to look at while you are off your feet and you won't have the stress of your OH making a mess of them. It would drive mr crazy if my DH dressed my tree. I would spend so long getting up and down trying to get it right that i might just as well done it myself in first place. If it was a really bad job i would end up taking it all off and starting again. Give yourself the pleasure and satisfaction of doing them yourself.
Well done Abbey I love christmas too. :) Host all the family normally about a dozen, do cooking ( yes i buy, cook and clean up all over christmas ), buying presents and I really enjoy a good parcel ( it does not really matter what is inside it is just the parcel ) :eek: Cooking has already started - christmas pudding, mincemeat and savoury snacks ( now in freezer ).

We always have a real christmas tree as OH loves the scent. We put it up the weekend before christmas and down again on 12th night. I will post a pic when done.
WOW!!! Well done Kevin for taking such an interest and doing so much for Christmas x
It all start about 15years ago when OH was very ill and has now become a family tradition. I love it - it is probably being the centre of attention :D
I don't suppose you would write a manual and send it to my hubby would you?? lol!

I hope your OH is ok now x

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