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O/T Ingrowing toenail!!


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Totally O/T but I have a very painful ingrowing toenail on my bg toe! I've asked all my mates & they are split 50/50 so thought I ask you wise bunch!!
Is this a matter for the doctors or chiropodist? I've put up with it for a few weks now not knowing how best to tackle it but need to get it sorted now as it really hurts all the time!! :cry:
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I used to suffer with these alot. I went to the Dr's with mine and he gave me some tablets.. which did nothing whatsoever! It only got better when I managed to brave the pain and cut the bugger out!

Mrs B

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Well, I went to my GP who told me to put cotton wool under the nail which stopped it ingrowing. DH went to the chiropodist who stuck some kind of gold strip on the nail which (eventually) pulled the nail away from where it was ingrowing. Both worked. Mine was cheaper and quicker.
Went to docs .... eventually, had it cut out last year, I think that it is coming back though. Hurt for 1 night only then every time I had to go back to have it redressed/repacked, it was a bit sore but I let it grow for about 2 years until I went to docs and it hurt a lot more while I had it than once it was cut out. Not a good thing to have if you are diabetic (not sure why?) so be careful :sign0137:


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i'm with MrsB on this one,
it certainly worked for me. leave the cotton wool in the area until the nail loosens away from the skin.
I had mine operated on 10+ years ago which was done by a chiropodist.

Sending hugs cos they hurt like billyo!

Me too also with MrsB... Had it treated by a chirpodist years ago - who packed underneath the nail edge with with iodine soaked cotton wool.
If i get a slight twinge now - head straight for tcp & cotton wool & DIY job.

Was recommended to use a nail brush daily on area to stop it happening again (gets rid of dead skin which may be half the problem).
Hello all, I am a foot health practitioner, and deal with IGTN's on a daily basis. A chiropodist or FHP is much more knowledgeable about this, so visit them first.

The treatment really depends on the severity of the IGTN, so really i can only advise.

If it is quite high up at the side of the nail and there is no infection or hypergranulation (red, swollen area of tissue), packing may be possible. This is where a small, rolled piece of cotton wool is eased under the free edge if the nail, and eased down the side of the nail as well, then sticks out at the side of the nail, therefore lifting the offending bit of nail away from the skin.

If there is infection or hypergranulation, you will need antibiotics as well, so get yourself off to the gp.

If the IGTN is low down the side of the nail, a chiropodist will remove the offending bit, or suggest a permanent solution to the problem, which is a partial nail avulsion, where the side of the nail is permanently removed.

Sometimes if the nail is involuted ie curved around in a 'c' shape as you look from the top, a nail brace may be used. This is where wire is stuck at the bottom of the nail, where it stays until the nail grows out. The wire pulls the nail straighter. Sometimes a plastic (or gold, Mrs B) strip is used instead. This works, but takes a long time!

As a rule, toenails should be trimmed straight across. If you start cutting down the sides, you risk leaving a piece behind which may dig in and cause an IGTN. A chiropodist may trim down the sides, but remember, they know what they are doing and have a much better view than you.

If you are diabetic, an IGTN should be dealt with asap. Diabetes effects the body in several different ways, but concerning this, it can impair the immune system, so if an infection gets in, the body cannot rid itself of it. This may eventually lead to ulceration, and in the worst cases, amputation. Also, diabetics sometimes suffer from neuropathy, with is some level of lack of sensation in the feet. Therefore the may not FEEL an IGTN, thus leading to infection, ulceration, etc.

Diabetics, PLEASE look after you feet! Camille, if you are diabetic, please let a professional deal with it. NO digging down the sides!
I have had the same nail cut out 3 times in the past 7 months by the same Dr. + it is growing back again. This past time he cut it straight down to prevent this from happening again. :sigh: Good luck with yours. I think i'll try the cotton ball this time.


has started again!!
My teenage son had one recently, with infection and pus - really nasty! (sorry TMI!) I took him to the GP, he had anti-bi's and then had a sliver of nail removed on the offending side. This was rather than have the whole nail taken off. So far, all has healed well with no recurrence. This was about 2 months ago!!

HTH! (Must second tho' that if you are a diabetic DONT MESS WITH IT!! My Mum had type 1 diabetes and always had her feet looked after properly, its so important!!)

Take care!

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