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O/T - is life ever simple?

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Im sure you will all remember my post aabout 2 weeks ago regaurding my brother and his mental health. you where all so helpful.. so im being selfish and asking you all my friends to keep him in your thoughts again, and to send me some positive vibes.

Today paul has gone missing again, after his friend had a breakdown at school because paul told her he was going to kill himself this wednesday and whether she was there to help him do it or not, that was what he intended to do. The school then rang pauls school to let them know, and they rang our home phone. Paul got the message because he doesnt bother going to school anymore, and when mum tried to take him to A&E to be sectioned, he ran.
He's been missing since 2pm today and the police are yet to find him. My sister is 7 days over due and is now showing signs of early labour so its all kicking off here.
he left the house at 6am the other morning and didnt return untill 8pm, and this saturday just gone, he left at 2am.. jumped the back gate and didnt return untill 9pm.

hes hell to live with. If hes here i feel like im on suicide watch, and when hes not i feel like im waiting for that call.
His girlfriend broke up with him last week as she couldnt cope with his unstable mental state and his suicide attempt was too much for her.
he just doesnt care what he's doing to everyone.
I wish they'd arrest, detain and section him. he needs to be somewhere where he can get real help, but no one thinks he's serious enough.

Argh :(
Everytime lifes going simple again.. its just one thing after another..

is it selfish to feel like after years of sorting my own life out and getting on track.. that i deserve to not have all this in my life. My family don't deserve it. I feel like it all holds me back from building my new life with Joe. Its always somthing.

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No Hun it isn't wrong to wish for a simple life. I shall ask my Angels to help.


I can do this............
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Sending you some positive vibes!

You really do have a lot on your plate at the moment but try and stay positive. Dont feel bad for being selfish either, sometimes we can do so much to help others but sometimes that is not enough. My cousin was a bit like that used to run away all the time and even when she was sectioned used to get out. but im sure thing will work out for him eventually.

Good luck to your sister too! Hope the birth goes ok!

((((((hugs and positive vibes)))))


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Don't feel guilty . It's certainly not selfish to want a simple life. Your family must be going through hell at the moment and I hope that there is some resolution soon.
On a more positive note there will soon be a bright new life in the family, pure and innocent, and full of possibilities. So even when life seems the darkest there is still light.

Thinking of you all xx


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It is perfectly normal to want a simple life and not selfish at all. Hope your brother is found safe and sound and that all goes well with your sister and the new baby.

Big Hug

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You will find you are not alone. When I was 18 I fell in love, I was young naive and thought I could change the world just because I wanted it to change. The man I fell in love with was 13 years older than me and had been addicted to heroin for 8 years. Cutting a very long story short, some days when I came home and there was no answer I half hoped to find him at peace and I loved him very deeply, even after we parted.

I wish you luck, and hope that he gets the help he not only needs but deserves. It will be hard and he may not thank you at first for helping, but stay strong. It is good that you have some positive coming into your lives too, I hope your sister has a short and hassle free birth.

Cobweb xx
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Fern, you are possibly the most un-selfish person here! It's not selfish to want things to be simple. Things are so hard for you and you deal with a lot. To want a break from that is normal and I am so sad when I hear about all the sh*t you go through.

I sincerely hope that things start getting better for you *hugs*
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Thank you so much. As silly as it may seem to others, having you all.. even if only through the computer gets me through.

Im still holding out. No choclate has passed my lips yet. Still no sign of paul.. or baby.. lol

:( Mums going to leave for the hospital soon and ims cared incase paul comes back.. but i do have OH here to help. I just hope the police find him first and section him. :(

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I didn't see your last post about this. I'm terribly sorry to hear how ill he is. I hope he is OK. xx
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Paul was found at 12pm last night and brang home. despite earlier promises form police to detain and section. they brang him home and left.
Sisters contractions quite close now, so she will be going to the hospital soon.


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glad to hear he got home safely, hope he gets the help he needs soon.

Best wishes to your sister, sounds like you'll be an auntie soon.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Hun...just read your post...Im so sorry to hear that you and the family are going through so much stress and worry.
I hope that your Brother gets the help that he clearly needs Hun. He is crying out for attention and someone needs to listen.
I hope that your Sister sees her little one soon too.

Take care and you are seriously not being selfish at all.



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fern - i don't know if this is a silly idea or not.. :eek: but... could you put your brother in the car with you all when you take your sister to hospital so he thinks he's just going for that? then when you get him there take him straight to a+e and demand to see someone who deals with this ASAP as you believe he's a danger to himself?

i really hope he gets the help he needs, and your sister has a quick and pain-free labour! x

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