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O/T It's cold....

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I've had it on twice this week and now have it on timer for the morning :( Didn't want to but I guess it is autumn.


Slow but sure....
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Gosh, you can certainly say that again Jaylou, we have gale force winds here in Norfolk today and heavy rain and it's so cold.......last weekend (a few days ago) we were having meltingly hot temperature's here - strange weather, but then again this is UK weather after all....

I had to wear a fleece this morning when I was out, and I am wearing a winter weight sweater in the house today too. X


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Ah the joys of the ME temperature problems.... Im sitting with bare feet, jogging pants and a t shirt after opening the bedroom window this morning hehehehe


Nojo on the YoYo
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I took my winter coat out with me to work today :(
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i am bloomin freezin but like jaylou i am trying to resist the heating just yet, so its t shirt and sweatshirt for me, and a steaming hot cuppa. May have to see if i can tempt the cat to come curl up on my lap


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Sadly I have one cuddly cat and one none cuddly. the cuddle kitten Amber really likes to cuddle on the hottest nights when Im lying on top of the bed and sweating. When Im cold however she prefers the radiator lol
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cats are just brilliant- a great quote i heard was ' a cat can mathematically calculate the most inconvenient place to sit at any one time'
My Nina has this down to a fine art

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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We've given in as we have a little one who keeps telling us that she was cold! Lol...bad parents!
I must admit though its nice to have a house thats had the chill taken off it!!! :)


Trying again!!!
Am sitting in front of a big fire as I "speak"! We have had the heating on as past 2 weeks or so and I've invested in a pair of fleecy pyjamas, not very sexy but soooooooooo cosy! xx
I have been nothing but cold lately. Both my sons play for football teams and they train in the evening. By the time they are done my fingers ae like ice cubes. I just can't get warm. I do find a hot bath helps though.

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