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O/T (Kinda) Magic Knickers


Desperate to be slim!
Hi all

Well, I have a wedding to go to in a couple of weeks, and I have a lovely dress ( in a 16... was a 20 in January!!!) but I need some extra holding in underneath!

I am looking online and struggling to know what to buy... thinking I like the look of Spanx higher power as they come right up to the bra line and a long way down too.

Reading reviews they are mixed... just wondered if anyone had worn them, or any others that they would like to recommend to help a fat friend in need!!! lol

Emma xXx
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Omg i would go to john lewis and they let you try on one, i did last year and i struggled putting one on and was so uncomfy and tbh i dont think was any good so its try on i would suppose, and i felt like i always wanted to lift them in the middle instead of saggy down if you no what i mean hahaha good luck


Desperate to be slim!
I know debenhams do spanx, so i will go and try them on if anyone says they think they're any good, but I don't wanna do a 40 min drive each way for nothing if I can help it!!!
I have some tesco ones and they are ok, but don't come up high enough for what I need.
Hey. I have 2 pairs of the Trinny and Suzannah ones and they are fab. They come right up to the bra line and yes initially getting in can be a bit tricky but they really keep your tum nice and flat.

I bought mines of ebay as they were much cheaper....

Lisa xx
Hi There

This is not the most glamourous sugestion, but it does work.I did it under my wedding dress.

Berli do a long line bra which comes to the waist, a bit old lady but gives a great bust and waist line(def avail on line JDWilliams) then team it up with some of the normal hold you in pants!


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I want one for my friends hendo, as we have been told its a little black dress night, but if thay are a pain to put on, wont the trip to the loo be a huge mission??? :(


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i have the trinny and susannah one too,not attractive but yes did the trick,Ya know when i was getting married i was 4 months pregnant and i was recomended to wear a basque cause you could pull it right in and that hid baby so may do the same if you fancy something a little more sexy but the trinnie one is expensive,unsexy but does the job and also makes my hubby laugh


Desperate to be slim!
Ooooh... maybe trinny and tranny it is then... will look in to the longline bra thing as well... was thinking one piece to avoid lumps and bumps.
Because of the dress, I don't think I will get away with a basque... I think you'll see it sadly. Although, now I think about it I do have one upstairs I could test out under it later on. Plan!


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i noticed the Trinny and Susannah ones were on sale in Debenhams the other day. Can't guarantee they will be where you are but it may be worth a trip to see.


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I have a little combo that I use. Magic Pants that I got at M&S, then a pair of "control shorts" that I bought at ASDA I think. They're basically like the control top bit of tights, but without the tights attached. And they go half way down your leg. I put those on, and the magic pants on top and it really does make a difference. :)


Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
I've got the spanx ones that go up to your bra line and down to your knee area.
They're really good and have a crossover hole bit in the crotch area so you don't have to remove them to go to the toilet.


Slow but sure....
Scala Bio-Fir Anti-Cellulite pants.....

An article in the Daily Mail...

When the department store John Lewis unveiled the Scala Bio-Fir Anti-Cellulite pants in May, staff were mobbed by a rush of customers as the company website sold out within the hour while the Oxford Street branch ran out of supplies on the first day.
On sale for £25, the knickers were soon changing hands on eBay for up to £60.

The pants promise to give wearers a better bottom and banish the dreaded 'orange peel effect'. And women insist that, unlike other supposed cures, these pants work.

They are only available in John Lewis, which says the knickers have been its fastest selling lingerie range in the past decade.
The company has ordered 40,000 of the pants to meet demand from fans of the range.
More than 4,000 women signed up for an email alert that they are back in shops, suggesting the latest batch could also sell out fast.

The fabric of the £25 pants contains crystals which warm up when they come in contact with the skin.
The heat is said to improve the circulation in the thighs, bottom and stomach, encouraging fat cells to 'melt' into a liquid.
This is then excreted from the body by the liver.
Research showed that four out of five women who wore the knickers every day for a month lost inches from their stomach, hips and thighs. Cellulite was also reduced. The effects are said to last up to 12 months, provided wearers exercise and eat healthily.

'This product has created a real phenomenon among women, with customers buying as much as 10 pairs each,' said Helen Spencer, John Lewis's lingerie buyer.

I just have one question - how do you go to the loo.....do you have to peel them off and on again each time?????

Here is the mail's web site, with a picture of these pants.....just click into 'Femail'..


Hi Emma, I think I have the same one as KatyKaty! I got two, one from littlewoods and one from next. Mine is like a bathing suit that stops underneath your bra and goes down halfway to your knee! sounds really uncomfortable but I wouldn't be without mine! I wear it most days to just get a flatter stomach! and I actually forget I have it on! Plus the straps are sooo handy it stops it rolling down which can be such a pain in the bum!!! Good luck x
aww haha..I can highly recommend the straps!! The hole so you can wee is very handy too..having been drunk, wearing false nails and trying to get one of the pull up ones back up is not fun or easy!!
I have some marks and spencers ones and they are fab, i have some in white, black and the nude ones, they're great. cant comment on the others though. I got my first pair from the store, but got the other two pairs off ebay (new obv) x
I was reading about the Scala shapewear yesterday, they sound fab IF they really do work! Whatever you decide just remember they can make you a bit warm...not great for middle of summer!
I found the ones with legs in them were wayyyyyy too warm x

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