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O/T Lush

EVERYTHING!! I love Lush!

No seriously, if you'll try anything try Buffy the Backside Slayer. I swear this stuff is amazing. It leaves your skin soft and smells scrummy and you don't need to moisturise after either.

It does leave an oily filmy residue after your shower which you rub off when you dry and hey presto the scrummiest, softest smelling skin in the world ;)

Use it on your bottom and I totally swear to you it appears to reduce the appearance of cellulite too :eek:

There is another thread somewhere about Lush, with lots of suggestions! There are quite a few Lush fans on here hehe!

x x x x x x x


This is the last time!!
Do you like baths?
I recommend the 'Haagen Bath' bath bomb. It is absolutely gorgeous. Otherwise, pretty much any of the bubble bars of bath melts. I tend to buy these more than the bath bombs as they are fairly expensive, and you can break the bath melts into a few chunks for around 3 baths rather than one. Saying that, I have been known to take my carving knife to a Haagen Bath bath bomb to split it in half so I could get 2 baths out of it lol!

I can also highly recommend the 'Dream Cream' and 'Helping Hands'.

Jan...Lush addict!
Thanks xx
I cant wait to go there tomorrow now - my little girl is also excited i said she could choose a bubble bar - i might have to take out a second morgage at this rate lol!!
No prob :)

Haha don't go there, the husband complains that I always bring back a bag full of Lush stuff every weekend hehe!

Oh yeah, I took my 3 year old in last week after reading on here that the Lush staff give you freebies if your bubba smiles sweetly, so took her in got her to be cute and got a load of decent sized samples!

How bad do I feel typing that :eek: I don't usually use her for gain hehe!

If you do get the Buffy, don't bother with the tin as it's unlikely the bar will last you long enough! The stuff is so nice!


This is the last time!!
my little boy, who is 4, absolutely adores what he calls 'fluffy baths' and my rugby playing, rufty tufty soldier of a husband can often be found relaxing in an oasis of pink bubbles too ;)
As an afterthought, hubby says their shaving products are fantastic too. He has really sensitive skin and has to be clean shaven every day, when using the lush stuff he doesn't suffer at all.


Mistress Mush!
oooo candy floss shower gel!!! Yummy! Love the stuff!
You ladies are the best - thanks
My little girl is 7 we went in last week and they had some sort of celebration going on with free wine, cakes and fruit she loved that. I got a sample of the glamorous moisuriser which is £35 for the proper pot - thats abit too steep for me i'm afraid - but i will gladly accept the samples teehee!


Mistress Mush!
You know another good place for free samples is the body shop. I went in there looking for something to help with my skin.. The lady took one look and told me i have ecema or something (and she was right, i have dermititus) and told me i couldnt really use anything other than an aloe vera thing, and gave me a free sample pot, and told me that all body shops will give you a free sample to try if you are unsure of a product! I was well impressed!


Resident geek
it didnt fizz in the shower??? whats meant to fizz in the shower?

I buy a million bath bombs from there.. i get my conditioner from there.. and loads of other random stuff i dont need but just love.. lol..

x x
The shower thing is called an emotibomb - you put it on the floor in the shower,it fizzes up as the warm water hits it and its supposed to surround you in a cloud of fragrant steam.
We had the citrusy one "up you gets"- nothin special really.
oooh I LOVE LUSH!!!

Defo agree with the buffy - it's brill and then I finish off with "king of skin" butter to moisturise as I use it on my legs (my legs get dry and this really helps)

I love love love the bath bombs. Had Haagenbath this week and it was gorgeous, also love avobath and also one that doesn't look so nice but leaves you feeling gorgeous is geo physs - it's brilliant

thankfully there isn't a Lush too close to me as otherwise I'd be bankrupt but I have decided I am gonna treat myself to a bit of Lush everytime I reach a milestone :D

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