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O/T - Men!!


needs more willpower!
I know this is completely off topic but can someone please explain men to me?? lol I know most of them are lovely but i can't get my head round the fact that some of them only seem to think of their feelings!!
Having another rant lol must be having one of those days...or perhaps weeks hehe. Sorry!!!! xx
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A moaning old boot!!!!
I know the feeling, I just listed all the things I had to do to the OH before travelling down to Leicester for the week (all of which are to give him less to do while im away!) which included cooking, cleaning, packing, studying, showering plus more..............and his reply was, well why dont you stop studying and do all the other things. DID HE NOT GET THE HINT THAT I WAS TRYING TO GET HIM TO OFFER TO DO THINGS FOR ME!!!!!
And did he have to tell me not to do the one thing that I HAD to do to pass my exams!!! SILLY MEN!!
Sorry, had my own little rant then! x x


needs more willpower!
Lol. Mines to do with my o/h and his family. It was his dads birthday yesterday and he went over to see him and all his family. I wasn't invited though. He says "it wasn't his place to invite me!!" Feel really hurt about it :( xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Have you met his family? Sounds abit off to me!


I can do this............
Ah thats a bit harsh! As judi says have you met his family because if you havent how are they meant to invite you if they have never met you! Men!


needs more willpower!
I've met them twice before, properly. Thats sitting down for a coffee with them. I've bumped into them in Asda and spoken for a few seconds a couple of times. Thing is, he's a huge part of my family. He's met all my relatives and is invited to every family do x


I can do this............
Does he see his family alot? because some people are really close to their family and so its a big part of the oh meeting them and being involved with them all.But if he is not that close or doesnt see them that much it might not be as important to him! Hope that makes sense!!LOL
I wouldnt worry about it to much he probably is being a typical man and just not using his brain and actually doesnt see how important it is to you!


I can do this............
If it was me i would ask him why i never get invited as you always invite him around to your families and see what he says. Im sure there is an explanation maybe he doesnt reliase he is doing it!!!!! After all you are engaged and you will be part of their family!


Cute, but psycho!
Yes I agree - ask him if there's a problem with you going to see his family. Ask him if they like you, and if they do then why can't you go next time to a family 'do'. If he says that they don't like you then ask why...
I was always invited round to my OH's parents (they've died now though) and he usually comes to see my family (he's coming with me to my dad's birthday on Monday, for example)

I guess what I'm saying is, don't let it fester, bring it up and get some answers.
i'd just say i was tagging along for the ride! Your engaged so presumably his family is going to be yours at some point. His family might even think you don't want to come if he keeps pitching up on his own! Does he need an invite to go...i doubt it. Pop round next time he goes :)

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