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O/T - Moan about men!


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That's men for you - they think we cannot exisit without them when they are out working every day.

I just answer "yes dear and no dear" in the right place's and make him another cuppa, he soon forgets about whatever he was 'on about' then, bless him, LOL...


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oh they make me chuckle! When my oh and i had a week off he said i will be in charge each day of doing the washing! Great i thought i hat doing it! By the third day he said im not being funny but that washing basket was empty yesterday and now it is overflowing! I just laughed and said welcome to my world!!


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Mine seems to think just because I'm chilling out for a week he has to sit next to me! AAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh! A tiny bit of space would be nice!


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My oh's the same, noting gets done - piles of washing - which doesnt bother me that much but its the piles of dishes!!! Why cant men use one cup, plate ect once then wash it up - instead of using every single thing in the house!! AGGGGHHHH!!! MEN!!!


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Hi Jes
I agree 100% I`m just a year split up from my hubby and we went to Wales to spend it with my daughter and family he had a drink in him and turned around and said to me you`ll not survive with out me , I laughed in his face and said get a life . Its always him that comes to me not me to him . I cant get rid of him . My daughter is coming over in a few weeks and she said to me we will have to go to Dublin or Belfast to stay over night for my 51st birthday . And I told him when he came down and he turned around and said what about me . Good luck and take care .
Margaret xx


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OMG I wish my OH would take over!! He says "you sit down, i'll do the kitchen" Which is covered in all the plates/cutlery/pans he's used to cook a simple breakfast/lunch/dinner and creat a bombsite in the process. He does half the washing up, sits down and says "I'll finish in a bit" ... er I'm still waiting... he never finishes anything, I'd rather he did it all or just let me do it! Gr!! I can't keep up with the washing pile either, he goes through so much (2 sets clothing for work each night, and 1 in the day, on top of mine and our LO's clothes!)... It was so much quieter/cleaner when he was away for work lol. x

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