O/T My baby has chicken pox!


Finally...Life begins
My Daughter went to nursery today with one little spot on her back, that I noticed but didnt pay much attention too.

Got home ok and by the time I finished work at 5.30 she has about 25! On her chest and groin!!

been quite lucky really she has been in nursery since last november and will be 2 in october, and I think she is one of the last to get it! Bless her! Hope she doesn't suffer too much!!
Hi Angela,

I guess it is something all children have to go through and it is best when they are young as I saw a girl who got them when she was 21 and she was very sick with them.

When Pierce go them he only got about five big ones...

How is she tonight?

Love Mini xxx
Can I bring mine around!! :) My son has had it but my daughter hasnt. I think it's best to get it over and done with.

Hope she isnt too poorly - thank goodness for calpol!!
She hasn't started itching yet, but they are quite fresh, so only time will tell.
She is a bit grumpy but went to bed after a spoon ful of calpol and keeps stirring but nothing yet. poor little thing!

Typical as we are all on two weeks leave starting tomorrow evening, so glad we hadn't booked to go abroad!! Looks like lots of dvds will be watched and house nice and clean!

Will let you know how she is tomorrow!
Salt water gets rid of them - I only had them for 1 full day... We were in Spain & I gained them at the end of a 2 day car trip from England. Mum hid me away until her friends told her to put me in the sea, she said she practically watched them disappear. A salt bath might help?...

Thanks Anja, Ill give that a go, any idea how much salt to add?! I hope she doesnt suffer too much, she hates spending all day in he house, she loves mixing with others!
I don't know what ratio of salt:water the sea is. I would say a fair bit & see if it helps. No idea why it did. I was apparently absolutely plastered in them but I never had even one scar... Definitely them though, I had all the spotty ones, measles twice, german measles the week before the rubella injections, mumps...:(
Thanks Anja, Ill give that a go, any idea how much salt to add?! I hope she doesnt suffer too much, she hates spending all day in he house, she loves mixing with others!
As the spots are coming out she's over the worst of it. Once they start to scab over she isn't infectious. My 1 year old nephew has them at the moment. He actually caught them from his 2 year old sister who had shingles! (she had already had chickenpox at a week old.. not sure where she caught shingles from!)

My dad caught chicken pox from us kids when he was in his 40's!
Boy did he suffer....mum had us all laid on the floor like 3 pigs while she covered us in that stinky lotion (calimine? comomile? who knows, i was only 4 !!)
ive still got a scar on the inside of my mouth from a spot!
Awww its horrible, she is covered in spots! And they are like mini volcanoes!! In her ear, on her bits, covered her scalp, she has only had the urge to stratch a couple of time, and the only way we could put calamine lotion on her was to lie her on an old towel and let her put her fingers in a bowl and rub on her body whilst we quickly rubbed it all over her body!

She slept till 3.30am last night, but am off for two weeks now so not so bad getting up with her during the night!

I have never known worry in my life since having her, just wish we could take all her pain away!

Hopefully it will clear up soon and she can start going out again soon, she really misses her friends at nursery, asking for them all day bless her!!
It is hard going...Giving birth to your child is like giving birth to your heart and watching it grow outside of you.

Pierce was very sick as a child and it was tough going...thank God he has never looked back since he was 8 years:)

Love Mini xxx