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O/T Need a little rant cause I'm in pain!


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Hi all.

I posted last week about my terrible tooth ache and my inability to find an NHS dentist. I eventually got booked myself in for September 3rd but the pain was beyond belief and I went to the emergency dentist on Sunday. Because I have a massive phobia and she couldn't sedate me without my medical history, she decided it would be best to extract both teeth rather than mess around too much with root canal. After a major hissy fit and lots of crying (very embarrassing when I look back at it now!!) I am now minus 2 teeth :wave_cry:

The top extraction site is healing well but I'm having major issues with the bottom one. My mouth hurts more than it did when I had tooth ache, my whole jaw aches and I have ear ache. There is a hard lump on the inside of my gum which is tender and today I have noticed that there feels like there is something stuck in the socket. I'm not sure how to describe it, it feels like hard skin or something but it is incredibly incredibly painful!! I've tried gently brushing it out with my toothbrush but it is well and truly stuck.

I aren't sleeping, I can hardly swallow and I'm as moody as hell. I feel like I could single handedly keep Panadol in business! I can't get to a dentist until Tuesday at the earliest (and thats only if the nice lady fancies giving me an emergency appointment) cause I'm at a funeral on Monday. I just want to cry..... AAARRRGGGGGHHH!!!!
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Oh sweety, toothache is the WORST, I should know, I have terrible teeth! Sounds like you have an infection hunny, prolly an absess and it's likely that there's a blockage somewhere which is causing the pain- build up of pressure. I'm not a dentist, just going on my massive personal experience (I've had about 5 or 6 now :( ) You need to get yourself to an emergency dentist- are there none anywhere on a weekend? OR you could try NHS direct and explain the situation- I've been to one at the weekend- they are on call all over the place. You might have a bit of tooth stuck in there, or even a piece of food. Either way, please ring them. Also it might help to have ibruprofen or some kind of anti-inflammatory (sometimes you can take these with paracetamol- i don't use panadol so you'd need to check) it might help to take the edge off, but by the sounds of it you need antibiotics to fight the infection. And whatever you do make sure you have your shakes, you need all the goodness to help you heal.

Someone may want to correct me on this, as I said, I'm not a dentist, but experience teaches you a few things...

Hugs to hunny xxx
(ooh try a cold, damp flannel/cloth filled with some ice that can help numb it abit too) xx


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Thanks Clare. I went to the emergency dentist last weekend but it was really hard to an appointment and it is miles away from me. I rang NHS direct at 10am on Saturday, they put me in touch with the emergency dentist for my area who didn't get back to me until 8:30 on Sunday morning (wasted the whole of Saturday waiting for the call too....:() I'm not sure if I could even get an appointment this weekend. Monday is out for the funeral, although I will call and see if I can get in with my own dentist on Tuesday. I've been taking Ibruprofen along with the Panadol which does help a bit but it makes me feel really sick and seems to have given me an upset stomach.

Think I might ring NHS direct and beg for another emergency appointment, going to tear my hair out if I don't feel better soon!
oh man! I hate toothache! Another toofy pain person here!!

You can alternate paracetamal (panadol is just that, unless it's the extra one) and ibuprofen in 2 hourly intervals. Well..that's what my emergency dentist said. Sorry it's making you feel yuk.

Get back to the dentist. NHS 24...phone!!
Hi Lisa, Sorry to hear about your tooth problems. have had terrible problems with mine over the years so you have my sympathy. I had an extraction a few years ago under very similar circumstances and it sounds like you may have something called 'dry socket' (google it for more info). The blood clot that forms in the hole where the tooth is has not formed properly or has dislodged and this causes pain as the bone is exposed and healing is delayed. It is not uncommon to get them with bottom teeth apparently. Eventually it will just heal naturally, but it may be worth seeing the dentist to get the area washed and dressed.

I would still get an opinion of a dentist to be on the safe side, but I suffered with this too and had similar symptoms. I hope the pain eases up soon. X


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Seriously hun, keep ringing them and insist on an appointment, it's what we all pay our taxes for after all! And it maybe worth having an extra shake or food to absorb some of those painkillers- can't be fun on your tummy- might help you stop feeling so sick? x
i hate the lack of nhs dentists, i had to go for emergency treatment i had 3 big cavaties but they wouldnt remove them and said they could do a temporary filling for one tooth so i had to pick which was hurting the most great huh!there are no dentists in our town or the next 2 towns we finally have one but its a good drive away i had two teeth out about 4 weeks ago it is horrible i hope you get seen again soon for the lump.


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If it's the socket that's hurting, you may well have an infection.... go and see your GP he can prescribe pain killers and/or antibiotics.... he just can't extract teeth!!!

Don't hang around either, book into the out of hours doctor!


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Thanks for the replies ladies. I will be off to see the doctor/dentist or possibly even local drug dealer if this pain doesn't ease off soon. Its now 5am and I'm in agony. My TOTM has arrived in the night too, so I've gots cramps to top it all off. Right now I'd take the toothache back, it wasn't half as bad as this.......
Hope you feel better soon Lisa! x x

I am sorry you are in such pain, does sound like you have an infection.

What CD programme are you following at the moment? You should not be on less than 1200 otherwise you will not heal properly, I am wondering if this may be why you are having problems. I have printed below a post I put on here a few months ago re tooth extraction the information in it came from our Medical Department at Cambridge:

You need to change to 1200 cals at least a week preferably two before extraction of teeth or an operation.

Afterwards for extraction if there are stitches a minimum of 1200 for two weeks or whilst still using antibiotics.

If sedation is involved probably a month before any programme, this should be okayed with your GP.

Your CDC needs to clarify this with Head Office as all cases vary.

I had a lady have a tooth out a few weeks ago, not with sedation, and she had to do 1200 for two weeks before resuming SS.

Re ops in general the rule is 1200 two weeks prior to surgery then three months after surgery before resuming any programme. In some cases, however, you can resume after your post op check with the agreement of your GP and CD Head Office. CDC's will contact Head Office on your behalf.

Re fillings it is advisable to be on a food programme as some injections contain adrenalin and on SS this can make you feel very unwell.

If you are on less than 1200 I would suggest you change now and let your CDC know what has happened and the advice you have been given.

I really hope you feel better soon.


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Just sending a hug Lisa, sorry you are having such a lousy time.

Feeling much better now Clare, thanks for asking! Finally got to the dentist on the Tuesday and he confirmed I had dry socket so I've had medicated dressings and antibiotics and I'm on the mend now. Blooming good job I did ring them though, turns out the silly receptionist hadn't put my September appointment in the computer so I'd of been very annoyed if I'd have waited!

I've been on and off CD for a few months after thyroid problems, swine flu and then the blooming tooth- but I'm back and raring to go today. Was shocked when I stepped on the scales this morning! I'm chief bridesmaid for my sister in 3 weeks and the dress is 'clinging' a bit around the tum.... its gotta come off and quickly!!
I hope you're in great health for the wedding. Dont worry about the dress. Right now feeling better is probably gonna make your day better.

Somedays I'd love to get knocked out, have all my teeth taken out and have a completely new perfect set put in. Toothaches/problems are the worst.

Good luck for the next 3 weeks. Feel better!

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