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o/t peronal accident insurance claim


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i am hoping that someone might be able to help me b4 monday.
on thursday evening my daughter broke her ankle at gymnastics. the club is insured and she also has personal accident insurance with the british gymnastic society. i cannot speak with the gym owner until monday about what i do next as he is away withthe other members at a competition. she did her gym move off the trampett and onto the crash mat but landed to the side of the mat and then off and then landed on her ankle wrong and the force of her body was just too much for her ankle. i dont know if this will be classed as accidental or is it her fault or something else. it is a proffesional club she is with and i am sure on monday i will get the answers i require but wondered if anyone had any ideas on the matter at all. my daughter is 14 and is doing gcse dance, and gym/pe and drama all of which are assessed on movement. obviously she will be out of action for 6 weeks inplaster then she will need time before she can do what she could. her teachers are understanding and will try to rearrange for reassessment for her at a later date but still she is worried. any ideas anyone please. she is in an awful lot of pain and we need to go back to the hospital on thursday for a new plaster but it really is taking its toll on her..
heres hoping someone willbe able to shed some light before then.
thank you.
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If you mean can you claim in the form of a personal injury claim against the club for her injury, then the answer would be no. For there to be a claim there would need to be negligence and from what I understand to have happened, it wasn't the club's fault i.e the accident didn't happen due to a failure in a duty of care.

As for any claim against an insurance policy that you have taken out against your daughter injuring herself then that would depend on the policy itself and you would need to speak to them for their inclusions/exclusions.

hth, let me know if i have not understood the question properly.

Hope she recovers ok.



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I don't mean this to sound horrible, but as i'm typing this I can't think of a better way to put what I'm about to say... sorry I really don't mean to offend, but I know how gym clubs run.

I was a gymnast until I went to uni at 18 and hold a BAGA coaching certificate. In the 15 years of doing gymnastics I picked up more injuries than I can count. I had to have an operation for torn cartiledge I picked up from landing awkwardly from a dismount, but as far as I see it injury is a risk you take for doing quite a dangerous sport. I appreciate your daughter is in pain, and is also suffering set backs as a result, but I don't think seeking compensation will help, and may just cause bad feeling and difficulties for her at the gym club.

As Mrsedz said above, you'd only really have a claim on the club's insurance if the crash mat was damaged or the trampette was faulty and not taken out of action, this would be negligence the club's behalf, otherwise it is deemed purely accidental. I'm sure the coach will be able to advise you on this.

I hope your daughter has a speedy recovery - I know how horrible it is to be sidelined from a sport you love.


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thanks to both of you and you have both said what my initial thoughts were. It was only after speaking to other people after the accident that people said you should be able to claim something but my initial thought was 'but its an accident - it wasnt anyones fault' so thank you and as usual my first instinct is what i should probably believe in. obviously i will still be speaking to the gym on coaches on monday but now i am happier with how i shall approach things and them. i appreciate it gym being a dangerous sport and she will ultimately be paying a high price.

thanks again for taking the time out to reply.

have a good rest of the weekend.
It was only after speaking to other people after the accident that people said you should be able to claim something .
Isnt it scary how this country has recently become so fixated with claims and compensation. People dont seem to be able to accept things sometimes are just an accident. So many seem to just be out for what they can get.

Hope your daughter is ok, she must be so frustrated the poor thing.

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