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O/T silly question

ooo good one... got to be the ability to fly, how cool would that be! How about you?


is a naughty girl...
I would like sabrinas finger (you know the witch she can do everything with it!) although flying would be cool. Or maybe be invisible and go and watch the changing rooms after a rugby match?! yes I am a pervert haha


is a naughty girl...
SulleyP that is just gready! That is the whole I will give you one wish and you wish for a million more wishes...IT IS NOT ALLOWED! (only jealous I didn't think of it!)

Gem, I thought about that one and then thought about the things I think about and I am not sure I would want to hear them!


The Minis Bad Boy
It would. You would be depressed constantly because you could hear every little thing everyone is thinking about you.

But the lucky one is the greatest ever. Think about it............

Fancy a girl/guy. GO chat to them, and boom they like you back.
Go for a job interview....... boom get the job.
Fancy playing the lotto.............. you get the message.


Mistress of the Dark
Ah ok, I've got you now. I could do with some luck! A small windfall of about £7000 to pay for my first two years of uni would be good!!!


The Minis Bad Boy
Yeh so life carries but you are lucky. So unfortunately a close reletive might die but you manage to get lucky because they had hidden away a small fortune and left some to you.

Or you manage to get a lecturer at uni that takes a liking to you and helps you to a 1st.


Silver Member
Sabrina's finger would be cool ....

Or failing that to be able to teleport to different countries and if someone was holding on to me they could come too (no more flights!)


The Minis Bad Boy
Yeh but youd have to carry a gay wand around. And I just knwo id keep breaking it. And with the wand shop shut where the hell am I going to buy a new one?

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