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  1. Penpen

    Penpen Full Member

    do they work????

    Have a wedding to go to at the weekend and might need a little support :D
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  3. 30FlirtyGirl

    30FlirtyGirl Call me Nicky xx

    I have a corset and slimming vest and they make me smooth and no bulges. I highly recommend them but they can be uncomfortable as they are very tight... well mine are anyway.
  4. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    I have looked these up and have saw loads of great reviews, is it just me or are they quite deer? i was looking at some for 52euro!!!! im tempted to buy some but afraid in case i cant get them on!!!
  5. 30FlirtyGirl

    30FlirtyGirl Call me Nicky xx

    mine are from kays catalogue through the trinny and sussannah range. they are quite pricey but if you wear them under a dress or something then they are worth every penny. mine cost around £30 each.
  6. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    hiya nicky,yeah got the new kays book last week omg there is loads of nice stuff in it. i was looking at them in there. i have party on sat night and i was gona get them for that have a dress but it to late now to order from it. stuff takes two weeks to come should have ordered them :( ohh well
  7. 30FlirtyGirl

    30FlirtyGirl Call me Nicky xx

    I shop with SimplyBe and Kays all the time as I am not a fan of Evans. It is a pain that they take so long to arrive though.
  8. airgirl

    airgirl Gold Member

    The big brances of Debenhams do them girls..and should be same price!! I have a pair that take me about 1/2 hour to get into it's a case of easing up a bit at a time..look like i'm doing some made dance!! Luckily the have a hole bit so you don't have that ordeal when you need the loo and on this diet that would be a nightmare.
    I think the results look good ish but they are not comfy at all i think.x
  9. airgirl

    airgirl Gold Member

    Just re read what i wrote...so not a way to sell the idea of them to you, sorry!! You can try them on it Debenhams first tho, see if you like them.x
  10. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    I got some spanx from Debenhams. . One piece that goes from knees to under my bra. Excellent things :clap:

    Don't wear it any more, but it really was comfy for something that held you in that well :)
  11. Debbiemac

    Debbiemac Cambridge Consultant

    I've got one of those! Love it!
    Very weird when I first wore it though - the 'hole' was freaky....
  12. jabbathehut

    jabbathehut This is the last time!!

    I got some cheapys off ebay (new of course, no second hand pants for me lol!), they were under a tenner and did the job nicely. I won't say I lost a dress size in them, but they definitely gave me a much less wobbly sillhouette and more than anything, gave me the confidence that I was lacking. Mine start at my knees and stop at the bust too. When you take them out of the packet they look like they'd only just fit a 3 year old but they really do expand. I put mine on like a pair of tights...kind of roll them up, step in, roll up, wriggle about....DH caught me trying to get in them one time and damn near pissed himself laughing. So now he is banned!
  13. Nade

    Nade Full Member

    Try Mattalan or tesco. they have there own version that are just as good but much cheaper!

    I have sweared by them in the past but hope I wont need them soon!
  14. now_or_never

    now_or_never Member

    I wore the original spanx with short legs in for my wedding and they were amazing, everyone was commenting saying had i been working out ahaha nope!! They worked a treat x they were 35 quid from evans
  15. RachelM

    RachelM Full Member

    I bought a pair from primark for £6, they smoothed out all my lumps and bumps but I find them really annoying to wear to be honest. The ones I bought are like a pair of cycling shorts that come all the way up to my chest but I find that they tend to roll down a little at the back giving me odd bulges just under my bra, not a good look! lol. I don't know if this happens with the more expensive ones but maybe try a cheap pair first to see if you like them?
  16. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    oooooooo you had me wondering what spanx were then.lol.
  17. Penpen

    Penpen Full Member

    Thanks everyone for your advice.

    I just ordered some from figleaves.com and it will arrive tomorrow.

    It's the ones from mid thigh all the way up to the bust.....sesky or what??!!! :D

    A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do :p
  18. goolian

    goolian Fab & Fit For Florida

    just wore spanx at the wedding at the weekend under my dress, they are amazing... mine go from just under my boobs to half-way down my thighs... no bulges or bumps...

    worth every penny
  19. SuzanneB

    SuzanneB Member

    I reccomend them as well. Not sure if mine were Spanx but I got them from the Simply Be web site and they weren't cheap but worth every penny or in this case pound.

    Got the full body one not because I wanted to be a size smaller but because the dress I was wearing clung to EVERY lump and bump!!!. The "spanx" smoothed me out wonderfully and the dress didn't cling to it as I thought.

    Must confess I did a bit of cutting as my boobies were squashed flat so I cut the front out also because it was the full body one going to the loo was going to be difficult till I made a few snips.
  20. goolian

    goolian Fab & Fit For Florida

    mine are crotchless so don't even have to go through the motions of climbing out of them just to go to loo... honestly Spanx are a god send
  21. Tazzi

    Tazzi is Special :P

    Spanx are BRILLIANT!!!!!! Debenhams have them. I got the ones that go right up lol.......................Amazing!!!!!!!! haha


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