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I recently got a new car and was trying to sell my old car. However, my BF's car broke down on Friday, so he was borrowing my old car whilst he looks for something new.

Anyway, that has now broken down. His boss is not particularly understanding and I am my own boss, so I've lent him my car and am stuck at home.

He is going out tonight and I am staying in. We would normally watch the BB final together, but will have to watch it tomorrow morning now.

Anyway, the reason for the post is that there's nothing on telly during the day and can't see anything good tonight. I have a good book to read, but feel quite tired and just wanted to plonk myself in front of the box and zonk out.

Anyone got any recommendations?
We have Sky, but none of the extra channels.

If not, any suggestions for how me, my 4 cats and my dog can entertain ourselves? I'm sure they're all as bored as me. Maybe I should just sleep like they do.
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Call a mate you haven't spoken to in a while, the evning will fly by in giggles. Tick on the list of 'should get round to' and company on a quiet evening!
Enjoy it


WILL be Slim!
how about box office hun? There are some good chick-fliks on there! :)

I'm in bed already! I have everything i need to whittle away my evening apart from i will need to go get my CD stuff done....but that can wait! I just have no energy to do anything other than play with the remote control tonight!

Hope you find something! Personally, i am working through the "Friends" box sets at the moment! lol :D
I was always in bed early on SS.

Might look on box office actually. I like horrors, so hopefully there'll be something scary on there. Don't really get to watch them with BF here as he doesn't like them, but he's stopping at his friends tonight :)

Watching The Hills at the moment and it's making me feel like my life is a bed of roses! Crikey they are drama queens.

Love Friends, but no box sets. I'll probably end up reading lol. Argh, if I wasn't dieting I'd be having a BB party - how sad am I? I don't mean a big party but me and BF would normally get snacks in and a few drinks. Not that I want those things, but it was an event (and I don't have many!)
Soooo excited for BB final so i know how you feel :D
Ooh, am jealous! :cry:
It's just not going to be the same on a Saturday.
Oh well, at least I get to see it!

Really, tut tut, you should be watching the lovely Jonathon Rhys Meyers in The Tudors - essential viewing in my household!
It is the 3rd episode in the 3rd series, and I never miss it. I went to Henry VIII exhibition at British Library yesterday and I can safely say that the BBC2 version of "old 'enery" is much more pleasing to the eye than the 16th century original.
Now I am exposed as a history fan, it is the 500th anniversary of his reign, so I have been revisiting places associated with his life, like Hampton Court and Eltham Palace.
Ok, I'd better crawl back into my box for eccentrics and shut up!
Perhaps manicure, pedicure, face mask, foot spa - I seem to have enough goodies to open my own spa but quite lazy about using stuff.
Enjoy your evening!
I like royal history and so does my Mum, but never started watching the Tudors, so didn't want to join it halfway through.
Find the whole Henry VIII stories fascinating.
The royals were much more interesting in those days!!!
Oh and I like Jonathon Rhys Meyers and if my BF can't be here than I'd happily make do with him ;)
LOL, just watched my usually lovely Henry only to find that he was quite crazy and hobbling around with a walking stick in tonight's episode (he suffered from ulcers) - I don't think I can recommend this show anymore as an opportunity to feast your eyes on a gorgeous medieval hunk!
Watched it this morning with BF. Am reasonably pleased that Sophie won, but I'd have liked Marcus to win really.
Originally like Siavash, but he annoyed me with the 'I want to leave' nonsense.

X Factor tonight, so am not going to be bored!!!
Bah X-Factor :( I'm a BB fan and I'm sorry to see it finished, and I wanted Marcus to win too...

Get a Wii! I might have a bash on Mario Kart, I've not played it in ages.

Guitar Hero 5 comes out on Friday and I've got it pre-ordered. Get in! I'm such a child lol
Ooh, I like guitar hero, but we're skint at the moment with the holiday. Plus we have a PS2 and can't decide on which console to get next, so haven't bought GH yet!

Marcus was the irrepressible dark horse!!! Go Marcus :)

What will we all do without BB? I remember the feelings of something missing last time it ended.
Ah yeah, cash is an issue and I know what you mean about skint and holidays lol :D I've got some credit left over on a Game gift card, some Game points and I traded in a game I've finished but is still pretty new so I'm not spending any 'real' cash on it lol

BB... I was on my honeymoon when BB1 finished :D It'll be a shame to see it cancelled, I hope they change their mind or one of the smaller channels picks it up.

The 'problem' with BB I think in later years was they tried too hard to put wierd people in there. I enjoyed it more when more normal folks were featured. That, plus the drive to try and keep it fresh each year I think made it go a bit stale ironically. Still watched it though.

I'm not into any of the other reality stuff, though Mrs L likes 'em so they're usually on as I can't find a better alternative sadly. TV is so crap these days...
Agreed on TV being crap nowadays and BB. We say it every year, they try to put as many different types of people in as possible.
It's like they feel they need a good mix of gay, straight, bi-sexual, transgender, black, white, religious, non religious, etc etc. I think diversity is great, but you risk having loads of people with very little in common who don't genuinely bond.

The people in the first one all seemed quite similar and I think that they've probably been desperate to show how diverse they are so that they can't be seen as discriminitory in subsequent shows.

I heard C5 had picked up the show, so that should be interesting - god knows what they'll do with it, but I suspect it'll become a bit of a t*ts and ass fest lol.

Maybe I should sell my telly and buy a PS3. I miss Resident Evil, but find it takes over my life for a good while and I end up staying up till all hours and then not wanting to go to work!!!
My best mate's BF is a big WoW fan and I'd like to get into it, but it's not by BF's kind of thing and I do find games like that all consuming!! We'd end up splitting up.

There was a man in our local paper not long ago who got so fed up with his wife playing on the playstation that he flipped and stabbed her repeatedly.

Quite extreme really!

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