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O/T Well Blow me down!!! Anyone with O2?


maintaining since June'09
DH and I have a standing joke about O2 'surprises'.
If you don't know - when you top up they send you a txt with a code on it - you go on-line, put the code in and 'fish' for a duck which has a 'surprise' attached.
These are always so 'naf' that the last few times I haven't bothered.
The other day DH topped up, went to claim his surprise and got another 25 free txts - as our plans give us 300 txts that we never use all of, this was typical of the uselessness of them.

HOWEVER ..... because I was clearing out the txt memory on my phone just now I came across the last code they sent me about a week ago and as I'm sitting here at the PC I thought 'what the hell' and went fishing!

Well I've only won an XBox 360 Pro with 60GB hard drive and a free game!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think I'll quite believe it till it arrives - within the next 2 weeks apparently - and I don't know what on earth I'll do with it (I love my Wii) but that's beside the point!!!

Just thought I'd share the good news!! xx
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maintaining since June'09
I have a code too! i think i will go fish for a duck now :D

ok...i fished..20mb browsing, i want a better gift :(
HaHa - sorry I beat you to it!!!

Still can't quite believe it though! x


maintaining since June'09
Well actually I didn't want one either but it's better than 25 free txts and I'm sure one of my kids will be over the moon!
(Wouldn't thank anyone for tandoori chicken either - but that's just me :)) x


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wow!!! bloomin hell jan well done :) xxxxxxxx


Here we go again!
Good for you Jan! It's great to get something for nothing these days cos it's so rare isn't it?

Years ago we used to play Who wants to be a millionaire online with the program. We got the highest score and I only won the top prize of a stereo system. I couldn't believe it. They phoned me on boxing day to let me know. I was so chuffed. Made our xmas. Great to win things.

Enjoy the XBox!
well its your lucky gift for losing the weight and a bit of a money back for all those pounds you spent on LT well done hun my son wud love it lol so i bet your kids will xxx


Finally a size 12!
Wow thats ace!! Ebay it and spend the money on some fab new clothes!!! Or is that just me ha ha im a shopaholic!
Well done hun, thats FAB innit
Your kids will be over the moon. Just a shame its not a clothes voucher I am sure that would be put to good use :)
A nice pressy for one of your kids!!!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥


I will be skinny again!!!
wow!! well done!!

Ill have it if you dont want it :p lol
Well done Jan!!! xx


maintaining since June'09
Thanks everyone!! :)

My eldest son practically bit my hand off!! He's got 2 boys .... I did think about saving it till Christmas for them but it seems so far away! I think I've decided to make it a 'finalised adoption' present. This should be happening by the end of June so a good excuse.

Thanks again for the comments - I'm still dead chuffed!! xx
Thats fab Jan!


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