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O/T Worried


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Today i went for my first smear in about 14 years, bad i know, during the smear i started to bleed, also about 10 years ago i had a lot of bleeding after sex for a good couple of months and lately i have had really bad painful intercourse and some bleeding again, ive read that the infection can take 8 to ten years to actually turn to cancer and now im terrified on getting the test results back, the nurse said all the bleeding could be nothing or could be something significant!! 10 years ago i didn't know bleeding after sex could be serious i though it was just too much sex!! Can't think straight now and dont know how im going to cope waiting 2 weeks for results!!!
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You are bound to be worried but hopefully everything will be ok. Waiting will be difficult, be strong xx
Oh you poor love (((Hugs)))

I know it's easy to say but really try not to worry until IF something comes back in the results. Because you can cause un-necessary stress. I know it's easy for me to say and I would probably be the same as you... xxxx
I would be worried too so I'm not going to say don't worry. However, the good thing is you have been and had the test and the chances are nothing will be amiss.

For what it's worth, I've bled straight afterwards and I'm sure the people who do them are to blame for being a bit rough.

Take care x
Don't worry about bleeding during the smear, not unusual at all, particularly if they have had to have a look around for your cervix, and doesnt mean a lot at all (im a nurse and do smears). Glad you went, well done, not easy if you are petrified and you are not alone. Chin up x


Still Climbing That Hill!
Thanks guys. it's the waiting that's the difficult bit and wakening up in the dead of night thinking what if they find something, giving it's ten years ago i started bleeding after intercourse but it went away so i thought nothing of it until recently it started again and with all the heightened awareness of the cervical cancer, i now know what i thought was nothing could infact be really serious!

Diet wise it's went haywire i was doing so good as well:(

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