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Where's Woolies when you need it?

I always get my Easter Eggs on the Saturday before Easter as we only have a small flat and there is always the chance of me 'dislodging' a hidden Easter egg and my son seeing it so buying it the day before means less chance of that happening.

So, this morning I headed off early to get it before my son got out of bed (his father was keeping an eye on him). But no. Both Sainsbury's and Tesco have emptied their shelves and Morrisons is miles in the other direction. According to the woman in Sainsburys, I had had plenty of time to get them so it was my own fault!

Fortunately the local One Stop has loads.

Whinge over!
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they are quite happy to have them on the shelves 3mths before easter, but 2 days before and your stuffed. IDIOTS
our asda was selling them at £1 each last week but like you i dont have many hiding places so cant buy before today but when i went to asda to look they had changed the price to £2. good job i only buy small ones.lol


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Tesco always run out too soon, it's ridiculous. They're ore expensive in the local shops but at least you got some PHEW!


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Totally agree about Woolies - also I have noticed the shops that stock them don't have a good variety - my eldest loves Bounty and I always used to get him a Bounty Egg from Woolies.
I left it late - managed to get some at the local One Stop.


I am one of the 63336
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The irritating thing was they had replaced the Easter eggs with Bar-B-Q stuff etc. I KNOW its a bank hoiday but the weather isn't guaranteed whereas kids wanting eggs is!!


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yer i went to tesco yesterday to get a bag of mini eggs (i was making an easter cake for a party Im at today) and they'd removed lal eater things and replaced them with BBQ stuff! I asked the lady and she said they weere rotating the stock and that easter eggs were no longer on sale! - madness!!! x


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It is shocking, i went to tesco last night and they had only the really expensive ones for £10 and i'm not buying my nieces and nephews those, or the tiny wee ones. So i ended up getting the tiny wee ones and bags of mini eggs. i got the ones for my immediate family a while back when they were £1 but then i found that there was no variety this year too. it was only cream egg, caramel egg, mars or rolos. I miss woolies too !!!


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I really miss Woolies as well. The other dat I was thinking I needed black dye, and the first place I thought of was Woolies, then aaarrgh it's gone!! lol

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