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Oat bran

hi anthony, i did my first oatbran gallette (like a pancake) today and it was nice.

i did 1 and half tablespoons of oatbran in a bowl along with 1 and half tablespoons of virtually fat free quark and mixed all that up with one egg.

i put a tiny trickle of veg oil in a frying pan and then wiped it around the pan with a piece of kitchen roll so there was hardly any oil on the pan and just poured it in.

it was nice and filled me up

i havent seen any recipes around for oatbran pancake things with milk in though
Thanks for that I will remember that if I want to make the galette. But what I was asking was just having oatbran with milk? My next door neighbour has it but I didnt quite get how she does it, I want it as a porridge sort of way, if anyone gets me?
I have the porridge and love it.

just put your oatbran in a bowl and some skimmed milk - I don't measure but just so it looks like runny milk still and stick in the microwave for 2 minutes, I have mine quite milky but if you put less milk in and it comes out lumpy or too thick just stir in some more milk.

I don't soak it.

Some people add sweetner of flavours to it but I dont have a sweet tooth so dont bother.

I am on cruise so 2 spoons but attack 1 1/2.

It doesn't make a lot but I do stay full till lunch time
Thank you so much that is exactly what I was looking for, can't thank you enough as this was my last time checking it on my iPhone before I went to sleep, thank you :D !!! And yes I will be having some sweetener with it :)
I have oatbran porridge nearly every day and find it really filling. I make it the same as claire21 - if I'm trying to save my milk for later in the day I even make it just with water but definitely need some vanilla or ginger etc! Don't forget to leave it to stand for a minute after microwaving to thicken and you can just put it in for a wee bit longer if it isn't thick enough.

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