Oat So Simple


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Fab - din't realise the original was hexB- what a donk! :p

Know how many syns there are for the syrup one?


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The HEX B is 1 sachet of oats so simple + 1 ryvita or 1 scan bran x
Thanks for all the replies :)

I've tried to find out the sun values of the syrup and apple and blackberry ones but ain't having much luck :-(

I've read that the syrup one can be used as a HEb and syn 1.5 but then read that it can't be used as a HEx b and had to syn'd 6.5 so unsure?

Also can't find anything on the apple and blackberry one?



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Only the plain one is a HEB I'm afraid. The others will all be 1 syn for every 20 calories. :)


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Hi there,

Found this in my 2012 food directory...

Apple & Blueberry - 36g sachet, dried - 6.5 syns

Hope this helps :)


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Hi I also heard that u can use original as a hex b, and that u can have an additional item.my additional item was 1 hifi bar. Is that right too?
Thanks xxx


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To be honest I've swapped to ordinary porridge as it's so easy to measure out 35g and add the milk whack it in the microwave ,and it's FAR cheaper. If I feel the need I add a tblspn of golden syrup for 2 syns.