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Attack Oatbran?

I am going to be starting the Attack Phase soon, hopefully Monday for as many days as I can, probably 10. I have 42lbs to loose. Is OatBran the same no matter where you buy it from? Could I use the Tesco own brand?

Is it the same as the Jordans Wheat Bran or does it have to be OatBran?

Thanks for your help. Morrisons at the moment have a 12 for £2 on muller light yogurts. My chance to stock up on vanilla and toffee ready for my attacking!
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It has to be oatbran , wheatbran can be taken along side , but the oatbran must be taken ..............also make sure it is oatbran not oats oatflakes ect
yep that ones fine ...i buy from health food shops , so dont buy dukan own as too expensive
if you go on the dukan site and put in your details it will tell you how many days attack and you dont need to pay for their help just get the details

id think 3 to 4 days for your weight and height ....but its free to check
can you do it for longer than they recommend? Are there any benefits for doing it longer?

I did CD about 2 years ago now and lost 3 stone on that in a 4 month period. I am hoping Dukan can work for me.

How long will it take to loose about 3 stone?
With the weight I wish to loose (3 stone) how long should I be in attack for? I am 5 foot 6 and 11 stone.
Your weight is actually OK now (or very close). I too am 5 ft 6" and at 11 stone I am (just) in the 'normal' BMI category. If you lose 3 stone, you'll actually be underweight which is not good.

So, if you are set on following Dukan (not advised if your BMI is normal to start with), 2 or 3 days of attack will be plenty.

Good luck with whatever you decide.:)


** Chief WITCH **
With the weight I wish to loose (3 stone) how long should I be in attack for? I am 5 foot 6 and 11 stone.
Hang on a minute... 5'6", 11 stone, and you'd like to lose 3 stone???????

Your BMI is normal now!
I wish to shed at least 2, maybe 2.5 stones. Is this a good way to achieve this? Should I be looking at the dukan diet or would you recommend healthy eating and exercise?
Have you done the Dukan true weight test? I would look dreadful if I weighed 9 stone (large-ish frame) and am fine at 10 (still a bit of chub, enough reserves in case of illness, but no longer looking 'fat'...) so for you to be aiming for 8-8.5 stone seems far too low.

I can't say you mustn't follow this diet plan but it's not recommended for people who have normal BMIs, so maybe low-carb (but not low enough to be in ketosis) would suit you better?

I'm not a diet expert though. Others will no doubt have better advice.
I have no idea. Dr D never actually mentions ketosis in his book, if I recall. I suspect a more than 20gr (there would be that much in the oatbran alone).

If your true weight is 9 stone 2, you will have a real struggle to maintain at 8 stone. Even if you'd like to weigh less, the true weight is a realistic one to maintain at.


** Chief WITCH **
Phases 3 and 4 are crucial with this diet. 1 and 2 will get you to the weight you require, if you're persistant enough, but staying there can be tough if it's not a weight for you.

On a PP day, I'm at about 40g carbs (with wheatbran in), on a PV day, around 60g-65g, some people less if they don't go for several veg as I do. I stay in light ketosis.

I'd not recommend it to anyone of your weight without first warning them of the potential problems of "consolidating", then "maintaining" the weight if phases 3 and 4 aren't done correctly, and at length.

If you know what you're up against and want to have a go anyway, this is the place for support and help!


** Chief WITCH **
You're very welcome! We'll be pleased to help in any way we can. Open a diary perhaps. Post your menus. Join in everywhere and anywhere...

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