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Observations, mutterings and the gerbera effect


Determined to be healthy
Week two, day two into my fourth phase.

Let me explain....I'm on a 13 stone weight loss journey.

My journey has so far taken approximate 10 years... Yes 10 years! but hey I've lost just over 80 lbs so far in total with a fair bit of yo-yoing in-between.

Phase one was going really well but interrupted by a relationship break up. My weight loss resources phase.

Phase two started 3 years ago after accepting a proposal from a new relationship! my Paul McKenna phase.

Phase three started last June after 15 months of wedded bliss and was my tesco diets phase

Last week I started phase 4. This is my weight watchers phase.

Each time a phase has finished I have regained some weight...however i am definitely learning as it takes a much smaller gain (only 7 lbs this time) and much less time in-between phases to get back on track!
So that's all good!

When I look back to when I weighed 315 lbs I could not walk up a flight of stairs without turning puce and using an inhaler...I was a recluse and bringing up a small child with an autistic spectrum disorder alone with little support. Eating was my life and I binged daily on all the wrong things.

Today, I am much fitter than a lot of my slimmer work colleagues, walking and cycling being my main activities. I eat fairly healthily and drink a lot of water to maintain my losses but i still need to follow a plan to loose anything. Hence my venture into the weight watchers world. I am happy in a wonderful marriage to a very supportive hubby and have a fulfilling ( if stressful ) job. My son has grown into a fine young man and is starting college in September. Nothing now stands in my way.

I have a switch in my head. At the moment it is set to "go, go go!". After a week on the plan I've lost 5.6 lbs and feel great! Sleeping deeply, exercising daily and feeling very happy inside! My husband calls this my tigger mode and currently it's in full swing!

Long may it last!

The gerbera effect....something I noticed today after watering my wilting gerbera! Neglect the flower and it wilts...give it water and it revives.....just felt somehow appropriate to how I'm feeling this week after really looking after myself. An image for me to keep.

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Hi Gem :)

Wow, what a journey you've been on! I wish you lots of luck for the final chapter of it :)

Loving the "gerbera effect" and can definitely relate. If I look after my body it blooms and rewards me. When I neglect it then I can certainly feel it's discomfort and annoyance with me!

just want to wish you luck and success.

I look forward to chatting with you during your WW phase. :)

Well done on your loss so far.

I find this forum so supportive and keeping a diary has helped me a great deal so far.

I've tried countless diets over many years and this one is definately my last one. I too was at the stage of struggling with simple tasks like climbing stairs, so no more!

You seem a very determined and focused person once you get started on the road to success. I look forward to following your progress.

(I too, have a son on the autistic spectrum. Happy to hear your son is happy and starting college :))

Keep posting!


Determined to be healthy
Thank you Rose....I am a determined soul...just tend to be a typical Gemini and wander off track every now and again....easily distracted!

How old is your son? Mine has Aspergers and is high functioning so although it takes him time to be on the same level as his peers he does learn coping strategies and has really blossomed in the last couple of years. Was very hard when he was little but now he's fiercely independent and a pleasure when he's not in full teenage rolling eyes and slamming doors mode!

Good to meet a fellow WW and a pleasure to meet you :0)



Determined to be healthy
Well back to work today and the inevitable pressure that usually brings....having had 3 days off last week I shall, no doubt, be pretty busy today. Have packed my lunch with plenty of fruit so should be fine...however I planned pizza and salad tonight as I have one in the freezer...19 pro points for half! Eek! Won't be buying that o e again but can't afford to waste it!

Better get my arse in gear...as walking to work as in a local office today ( I work from two offices)

Have a great day folks!


have a great day :)

Sorry, I must have confused you, (makes a change from confusing myself :D) I'm not actually on WW, must be the only one I've NOT tried :sigh: I'm going it alone this time, healthy eating and exercise and a bucketful of willpower :eek:

My son is 6 and also has high functioning asperger's syndrome :) he is an absolute delight! and overcoming huge milestones along the way, he's a star!!!! :D

have a succesful day :)


Determined to be healthy
Ahhh a fellow Aspie mum! How lovely! They are wonderful kids and I wouldn't trade mine for the world...6 gawd I remember it well! How's he coping with school? That was the most difficult time for us, very challenging there for a while but with no diagnosis to start with and an appealed statement refused I was at my wits end to get him the right support! Sound like your little star is shining brightly so well done to both of you!

I did the weight loss thing myself for quite a while and it worked really well when I was at home. Now I'm working 8-9 hour days I find the tools from a plan help a great deal as for me, planning is the key to success... the right foods in the house and quick recipes to hand are really great. Are you calorie counting or just cutting out the rubbish? Whatever I wish you great success ....
Would love to take a peek at your diary if it's public? Hope your day has been less stressful than mine :0)
Gem x


Determined to be healthy
Well as predicted a pressure filled day but hey it's over and I need to lay it down for the evening.
Glad to say the food planning went well today and I had a large salad with the 19 point half a pizza and I've come in under points so far! have to say I did enjoy it but it wasn't worth nearly 2 thirds of my daily allowance!

I have an interview for a promotion tomorrow so to curb the munchies and keep my fingers busy I'm going to give myself a French manicure...takes ages, looks good and I can't eat! Fab!

Observation of the day: when hubby ran his hands down my back this morning there were definitely less bumpy bits!

Hope this finds peeps happy and well
hi, how are you? loving the willpower :)

You are right, its all to do with forward planning for meals and not having any 'bad' foods in the fridge and cupboards. I am just cutting out all the rubbish, that I loved, but it didn't love me!!!! :rolleyes: I've changed to low fat versions of everything, butter, milk, cheese etc choosing fish and white meat, rarely having red meat, eating fruit and veg more often, drinking bottles of water, no white bread, no frying, no snacking, no takeaways...yes a complete lifestyle change, but its got to be done :eek: also walking daily and when I lose another 4lbs, I can finally get on the exercise bike I bought 4 weeks ago, without breaking it! :rolleyes:

My son has settled in school better than we hoped, the education system have been brilliant and so supportive and the staff and pupils spoil him! He attends mainstream school and they meet his every need, so he is always a happy wee boy, we are so lucky in so many ways, and he is too!

Good luck, have a nice evening. I look forward to catching up with you.


Determined to be healthy
Hi Rose
I am okay. Had a very nerve wracking interview this afternoon which I fluffed and although I was "appoint able" someone else was more so. I am in the fortunate position of having a fairly good ( if pressured) job which I do enjoy so all is not lost and I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason. So hey ho! Back to the mine face tomorrow as usual!

Glad your son is getting the support he needs, it really does make all the difference!

I started my exercise on an exercise bike...could barely do 5 mins at the start...now I have real bike and oooooh the freedom it gives! There is nothing like my cycle to work, all around Poole Harbour, it's totally amazing and I shall be doing that tomorrow! I cycle 5.5 miles to work, walk around a big lake at lunchtime (around 2 miles) and then cycle home. I love it and it really helps with the stress levels and I can eat a bit more if I want to. It's like I've earned it somehow!

You sound like you are doing all the right things to a healthier lifestyle so well done and you won't look back once you get on that bike!
Gem x


Determined to be healthy
Last phase, week two, day 5 in the Gemsaic house...

Been on tenterhooks today because of the interview, at which nerves got the better of me and I fluffed it up and didn't get it. But hey, these things happen, I did my best and that's all I can ask of myself. I believe in karma, another opportunity will come along when it's ready and in the meantime I have my weight loss, and my website www.Gemsaic.co.uk to keep me focused.

Really looking forward to my cycle to work in the sunshine tomorrow! I have a stuffy meeting all morning so it will be a good way to start the day!

Food wise, I have stuck to plan, had a lovely smoked cobbler and leek risotto tonight, very tasty!

Observation of the day: I can now put on my hubby's old belt on the first notch....gonna use this to monitor my waist measurement...the buckle wouldn't meet the end of the belt a couple of weeks ago! this phase is really going well so far! Back at the start of phase one a 60inch tape measure would not go round me!

Another successful day.

what a pity the new job fell through, but hey, I too believe everything happens for a reason, and that job wasn't for you at this time :)
great exercise plan, cycling to work and walking around the lake, sounds lovely.
Good idea with hubby's belt and well done on it fitting now :)....I don't even own a belt :eek:, and there's no way I'd get my hubby's belt around me......YET ;)

Have a lovely day, enjoy the sunshine, we've got spring like sunshine up here too, so going to get walking after some housework :eek:


Determined to be healthy
Last phase week two day six

What a beautiful sunny day! Much too nice to be stuck inside! Still, got my cycle in and I'm definitely getting quicker! The harbour was picturesque as usual. Unfortunately I didn't get to walk around the lake as well today as my meeting over ran but hubby met me from work and we cycled home together. I have to say I'm shattered, didn't sleep well last night....too much going on in head..even Dan Brown couldn't clear it so taking a nytol tonight. Hate it when work intrudes on my family life but can't be helped at times.

Food wise very good again, so good intact I'm having a weight watchers dessert as a treat tonight....yum!

Observation of the day : the pilsbury doughboy effect is back. When I'm loosing weight my stomach starts looking like a lump of dough....all pitted and cauliflower like...weird but it happens every time!



Determined to be healthy
Last phase, week two, day 7

It's been a better day at work, still mega busy but less fraught and the office seemed happier today than it has in sometime. I swear it's a living breathing thing at times! This week I have refused cakes, shortbread and sweets ...the office lives off sugar! Oh and hubby suggested fish and chips tonight which, as I didn't cycle today, I declined in favour of a roasted veggie pasta bake. So I am feeling very angelic although the pasta bake is taking ages and I'm hungry! I did walk around the lake today which was glorious and caught up with a friend.

I am going to sign up for the race for life on 19 June, not just for the 5 k in the morning but also the 5 k in the afternoon! Bit more of a challenge! Will give me something to train towards. I would love to do a charity cycle ride later in the year as well. So my eyes are peeled for something local. When I am down to goal I want to do one of those huge treks across Peru or the Great Wall of China.

Anyway, weigh in tomorrow morning but it should be fine and that pasta bake is calling!

Observation of the day: my friend said how good I looked today. I felt good, made me walk tall! It's lovely when someone else notices

Good for you, resisting all the office goodies and fish and chips!!!

wow, what motivation, a race for life! I'm impressed...go for it!! I love your goals :)

Lots of luck for the weigh in, I'll be back to see your result :)


Determined to be healthy
Hi Rose

I've done the race for life 4 times before...can really recommend it for something to aim towards and the atmosphere.I started when my dad was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and I do one for him ( he is still here) and I've just found out a friend of mine who as been battling breast cancer is dying and there's nothing more they can do. She leaves behind a five year old which is just awful to comprehend. So I'm going to do one for her too. makes me feel lucky that the only problem I have is my weight and grateful for everything I have!

Still on a lighter note 1.6 lbs off this week, my first 7 lbs off with weight watchers and I have now lost the small amount I put on after phase three and a bit more so I'm the lowest I've been for 20 + years...fab!

Onwards and downwards...have a good day!
even more impressed now! :) What a lovely dedication to your friend and dad, they will be very touched. In mine and hubby's family, a total of 6 family members have dealt with cancer. I think most familes are affected at some time in their lives by this horrible condition in some way, shape or form...so sad.

happier note..wow well done on your weight loss, you must be feeling great and rightly so! keep on that road now :)


Determined to be healthy
Last phase, week three, day two

Week three day one

Yesterday was not such a successful day food wise. I cycled to work but had eaten all my fruit and sandwich by 11.30. I went to the pub at lunchtime as ( yet another) colleague was leaving but I made a very good choice there, just having a sparkling mineral water.
I had my yoghurt when i got back but by 3 pm the hunger started and I'd run out of food....I avoided all the leaving cakes and biscuits, drank water all afternoon and cycled home. good so far!

By the time I got home I was starving! We decided to have a Chinese takeaway. I choose pretty wisely with a mushroom chow mien, two spoonfuls of special fried rice, two pork balls and 4 mini spring rolls. I pointed it up and it wasn't too bad......so why oh why did I then eat 100 g of galaxy?! I had blown it!

Lesson one learned: if I'm hungry, eat something before I get starving!
Lesson two learned: if I want chocolate buy a small bar only, I cannot stop!

Anyway, I was really really tired and went to bed at 9pm ... Couldn't face my diary :0(

Day Two

Decided to record everything So I could face up to what I had done and try and learn from my mistakes. I realised I hadn't been half as bad as I thought once I'd pointed it all as best as I could and although I have had half of my weekly points on the first day of the week I can still have a good week!

Today was a much better day! I was still very tired and sluggish this morning but dragged myself out of bed early to do the food shopping. Spent some time looking at weight watchers products compared to my ordinary buys and have bought a few to see how i go. Bought lots of salad , veggies and fruit and have planned the weeks meals. Felt a lot better with myself once I'd got home.

We had scrambled egg on WW toast ( yuck to the toast!) and an orange juice for breakfast and then headed off to Hengisbury head for a 5 mile walk along the coast. It was a beautiful morning!

We did have an ice cream but I chose wisely in a solero and thoroughly enjoyed it! We then went to the aquatic shop to buy some plants for the fish tank and had a coffee and a scone with clotted cream and jam for lunch. Naughty but not too bad compared with what else was on offer...huge cream cakes and chips!
I earned 8 activity points and am going to have an omelette and salad for dinner to counteract lunch so i should be within points today and firmly back on track.

Lesson Three: I can have treats, I just need to choose wisely and record what I've had.

Observation of the day: I am much fitter than I used to be, cliff walking was much easier today than it was this time last year!

Keep smiling and recording!


chow mein is the 'best' dish to have from the chinese takeaway, so well done! also you realised what happens when you are hungry, it is so easy to grab something, anything to ease the hunger pangs! Your walk will have helped lose a few of the calories, so don't worry, and as you say it wasn't too bad once you had pointed it all up :)

A small bag of maltesers is handy to have in a 'chocolate craving' moment or a funsize chocolate bar :D
I too enjoy shopping for all my healthy and healthier options, I've got to plan my menu as I too would grab anything from the fridge just to ease the hunger! :eek:

have a good day tomorrow :)

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