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Obsessive Cooking !!!!

OMG - I am becoming the cook of the year since being on CD.

Before starting this diet I would cook dinners but only if it came out of a box/tin/packet etc but I am baking, stewing and roasting like never before. The sad thing is I am not getting to eat any of it - its all for my husband who thinks he has died and gone to heaven lol.

I just can't help myself - has anyone else found they are like this too?

LOL maybe we can swap recipe ideas LOL.
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Trying to stay healthy!
absolutely!! i keep trying to think of nice things i can make the family all the time, stews, casseroles, cakes, made Jam tarts with my little boy yesterday too! haven't made them since i was a kid!! i was just looking up a nice quiche recipe for make to make tea tonight, it's like torturing yourself isn't it...ha ha!!
Oh yes, I am obsessed!!! I watch every cookery show known to man and then invite family up. I even have my mum in on the act she helps.

I made beef stroganoff and pavalova for family on Tuesday, then on Wednesday Chicken and ham pie for another set of family members. We also made them pavalova as they love it.

Then on Saturday decided to invite more family for roast chicken, roast spuds, cabbage/leek, cream potatoes and yorkshire puddings. Then we made apple crumble, cream and custard.

Must say never tempted to eat, the crumble did smell really good but I just dished it out.

Is a little hard not being able to sample anything for flavour but I am just constantly asking someone else to tell me. Used to cooking meat, being veggie I have to look at it to see if it is ready but sauces etc is hard.

We are going to try and make scones this week, my family can't get over the meals they are having!
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put it this way my family havent eaten this well for ages, keep cooking choc cakes x


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Hi - Yes i know exactly what you mean - I have gone mad in the kitchen. For me I think it is the smell of cooking - as i am hungry if i cook the smell seems to satisfy me?? Not sure for how long though?
lol - we all sound CRAZY.

My hubby has to descibe every taste for me (in details) and god love my baby son cos if he could talk too I would be getting him to do the same.

Love Nikki xx
I am possesed as of today! My brand new fan oven has arrived and ive just cooked imogen some lunch and i cant wait too cook again! My old one was burning stuff, mankey and that all equaled mankey food. Immys certainly enjoying her lunch!

Going to be cooking alot over thenext few days - good thing i cannot eat any of it!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hee Hee!!Im the same everyone else in my family is going to need to diet when i finish CD and im going to be the only thin one!!LOL
It's funny! A couple of weeks ago someone posted a similar thread and I had said I hadn't been interested in cooking at all, but now I just wanna cook all the time. I keep thinking of things I want to cook, it's crazy!! Haha!


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i wonder why we do this, is it just because we now dont have to worry about the cals etc, or is it because were not eating it we have more time to prepare it.
maybe when we were eating we used to make anything quick because we just wanted the food no matter what????
i can`t work it out, but my fridge is bursting with all the lovely food i`m cooking, family not sure whats going on.....lol
i find im obsessed with what everyone i live with is having, need to know what they've eaten and if it was nice!

if i find a take-away menu i sit and read it all! i got an amazing one through the letterbox for this fab deli the other day and looked at it for about an hour! what an idiot!
I know just what you mean. Dh used that say that we didn't need a cooker for opening takeaways! Now I cook every night. I started off doing things that I really wanted to eat as I wanted to sniff them. Now I couldn't really care what it is as I'm not interested in food. They have whatever they ask for(within reason and my inifinite power as wife and mother lol) :D


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when i found this thread i laughed out loud,i too have just come from the kitchen after cooking for about an hour , homemade chicken curry for 1,homemade sheperds pie potato bites and beans for another,homemade pie for another, whats all that about and when they get in its like who wants sarnies who wants cake anyone need anything from the shops,i am ss but spending a fortune on them in food,i think its to keep us busy it doesnt matter that it food,just something to keep idle hands busy ha ha ,luckily 2 of mine are underweight so i can feed them without guilt.god i love cooking


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Yep I started a similar thread the other week. I am exactly the same. I loved cooking anyway, but at the minute I think I could run my own restaurant!
My mum's work has the book man go in & to go with the mountain of cookbooks she's bought me a 30 minute cookbook & one called muffin galore. It's fab! Lots of yummy sweet & savory muffins....
My mum is doing LL & is obsessed with all the food porn on TV.

I am fullfilling my desire to eat, by feeding other people.


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just cooked a wicked curried goat and rice for my OH tomorrow is salmon and wednesday is jerk chicken he cant believe his luck lol


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I am fullfilling my desire to eat, by feeding other people. i like that i am going to pinch it for my signiture ha ha


sisters of slim
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see told you i liked it ha ha

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