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Off to the Docs

Morning Ladies

Am off to the docs this morning. Haven't been feeling the mae west since last Thursday and now I have blisters in the roof of my mouth and he thinks that I may be run down and lacking in some nutrients. :wave_cry: Have been having severe cramps in my stomach too and he thinks that maybe it could be the CS :(. So he told me to stop it for the time being until he sees how I am when I get there. So I am back to counting WW points for the time being. BTW I stood on the scales this morning and have stayed:eek::eek: the same :confused::confused:. So until later!!
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oh god that doesnt sound to good at all!
let us know what it is and get well soon x
Well folks the verdict is in....I am to come off CS and see if the symptoms go away. He thinks that I am lacking potassium and some other nutrients. So I am back to counting bloody points again for a while. he gave me a prescription for something called Reductil (supposed to help supress appetite). :confused: Now my appetite is not the problem....I watch everything that passes my lips :sigh: He says that I am also kinda dehydrated despite me drinking 2.5lts a day. :( Due to my bowel surgery I have to drink 2.5lts a day anyway but he just thinks that CS is adding fuel to the fire. :break_diet: Boo hoo :banghead:

But I will keep logging in to the forum (if you don't all mind).


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Awww thats such a shame!

He surely could have given you more diet options? When i talked to my doc about wanting to lose weight she recommended CS and said if i was having trouble there would be many options such as a nutrionist, dietician, lipotrim, CD yada yada, so i can understand especially due to your bowel surgery him wanting you to take in all the right amount of vitamins and minerals etc but i find WW so monotonous.. i had no luck with it it just gets you down after a while!

It would be great you still coming to visit us keep us updated :) you never know if it doesnt improve.. maybe it isnt the CS after all ;-)

Thanks Rae....I am hoping that too. Maybe it ain't the CS after all. I feel very very hot today and am very very sore (stomach). Only had an operation 5 weeks ago...and so I reckon that maybe I tried CS too soon. I tried CD too back last year and only lasted 3 days....it was yuck!
Well folks I am after starting on the Reductil this morning. Hope they work as they cost me enough €119 for 30 days supply. :( I will keep you all updated as to how I get on with them.

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