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Discussion in 'Atkins Diet' started by carla, 8 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. carla

    carla Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    I know this isn't Atkins related but I had to share... The last few months of my life have revolved around a novel I had been writing. Today I sent it off to an agent. It is a very scary time as I have put my heart and soul into this book and am bracing myself for a steady stream of rejection!

    Not many people know I have been writing the novel, but I had to shout out to someone that today is the day that it is out of my hands.


    And back to Atkins... :D
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  3. soozsb

    soozsb Xmas goal, here I come!

    Wow! That is awesome! Good luck.
  4. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Fingers crossed everything will go according to plan xxxxx
  5. *gold.emerald*

    *gold.emerald* dancing queen ;)

    GOOD LUCK!!!! :)
  6. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Brilliant, it'd be nice to have a famous author on this forum. :)
  7. AG1981

    AG1981 Gold Member

    Fingers crossed for you hun.
  8. carla

    carla Full Member

    Thanks guys. It's only the first agent i've approached so i'm not getting my hopes up too much. I should hear back sometime in the next six weeks.

    It's a young adult novel about sirens. The main character is a girl called Stephanie who the sirens are hunting because she has something that will allow them to be released from the sea to hunt on land. Basically it's about love and infatuation - with a bit of action thrown in for good measure!

    The kind of thing I would have enjoyed reading as a fourteen year old girl. :D
  9. AG1981

    AG1981 Gold Member

    Oooooooh that sounds good.
    I like it already.

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