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Official end of foundation total loss 4stone 4lbs!!!!

Well peeeps final WI at end of foundation, and the verdict , 4stone and 4lbs and I am over the moon! Well who wouldnt be?
I have gone from a size 22 to a size 16 and actaully love tryiong clothes on now. I have to remeber to reign myself in though becuase things go to big after a short period of time and its getting bloomin expensive, but great all the same.

I move into development when I return from holiday in 3 weeks, and I am looking forward to getting the rest off as quick as possible so I can get into management very soon, before we go bankkrupt LOL.

Worth every penny my hubby says, so keep going I am despite the lure of CD as a cheaper option with new flavours. Got to admit a bit sick of the flavours now but think I will stick to what I know and look at it as good training for when I return to food.

Hope this thread inspires any newbies out there, keep strong .
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That's incredible - well done there!
Congratulations on a splendid loss and I wish you well in the next phase of your journey :)
Thanks Sarah , its been seeing fabulous weight losses like yours over the last 3 months that has kept me going whenever I have been tempted. Couldnt have done it without you all.
Love C


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I started off at a slightly higher BMI than you and had lost a spookily similar amount in foundation so I'm sure in 70 days time you'll be where I am! I couldn't have done it without all the people who started 3 months ahead of me and showed me it was a) possible and b) not that scary!


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HCW - Well done, that's a brilliant weight loss and size 16's wow, just gorgeous :)

Congratulations, you must feel on top of the world.
Its great what can be achieved in such short time. :D
Know what you mean about LL feeling more expensive as time goes on but I still feel the need for the group support and the learning experience. Sure you'll be in maintenance before you know it!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your hols, you deserve to x
Congratulations! That's a brilliant weight loss and definitely an inspiration to a newbie like me (currently on Day 14 and although I havent yet hit my 'wall' or remotely felt like cheating, I sometimes have the 'but surely one meal won't hurt you' chatterbox).

Have a fab holiday in your new swimming costume (you HAVE got a new swimming costume??) :)

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One day at a time
Well done HCW, that is an excellent loss for foundation.
It is great buying new clothes & knowing you'll look good in them when you get home.
My OH is also very pleased with me doing LL, infact after 20 years of marriage he feels like he's got a new wife. LOL
I'm off on holiday in 4 weeks also, I will be very close to the end of development, but I will probably have to stay there so I can lose the excess weight I will have gained on holiday. (because I am going to eat food.)
Where are you going on holiday? we are going to Gran Canaria for a week, since having the kids this is the first holiday abroad that I will not look like a beached whale. I'm gonna look & feel so good on the beach & by the pool.
Anyway well done again.
Thanks everyone!
I am off to Kos for 2 weeks on wednesday so I wont be about the forum, but my daughter Bye Bye Bingo Wings , has been on Cambridge for 2 weeks and is doing really well, I am sure she would appreciate an hello from all you lovely lot. I am hoping to not do too much damage whilst away, taking some packs and having a maintenance style meal in the evenings with a glass or 2 of wine. I am terrrifed I wont be able to fir into my new slinky size 16 and 14 clothes if I over indulge so I think that will keep me on the straight and narrow! Yes I have got a new swimsuit and I look great (as long as you dont look at the legs! Yuk ! think they must be the last thing to change cos they aint pretty, but the rest is a massive improvement and I know I will feel so much happier on the beach and by the pool this year.
Nearly had a nervous breakdown when I was packing nothing fitted me , even the vest tops that were skin tight last year just hanfg like tents and flapp around under the arms ! I loved it at first then I realised I nothing to put in the case and panicked! So off I went to have a ball shopping in Debenhams sale, tops, skirts dresses , shoes, bras bikini(!EKK!) The poor old credit card got a bashing but needs must !
Love to you all hope the weather picks up for you
Have a fabulous holiday with all your new clothes. What a great feeling - 'I have nothing to wear because ... it's all TOO BIG!'. You sound very determined so I'm sure you won't do too much damage. Have a great time and we'll hear all your news when you get back.
Have a great holiday enjoy yourself you seem to have a great Plan and are very positve, also you are setting goals and dead lines. I salute you on your 100 days your sharing and honesty all along the way. I dont post much but you never know how many of us you all reach. Thanks 141bs off my target thanks to 790.
What an inspiration!!

I just love this site eveyone is so ubeat and positive and have made such great progress i am so jealous....

I have my first meeting with a cdc wednesday and if i do anywhere near as good as you i will be over the moon!!

Thank you for posting such uplifting and positive posts that newbies like me can take heart from...i hope you have a great holiday and that you show off that fabulous new figure knowing that you have achieved an absolutely astonishing weight loss!!!

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