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Official WI today - not a happy bunny :-(


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Hello & welcome! I hope your class goes well on Wednesday.

If you want to join a team have a look here....

Weight Watchers - Teams - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum

There is a valentines day challenge that can be found here....


And a 100% for 100 days challenge that you can learn more about here...


You can do all 3 or none at all depending on what you want :)

WW is a great plan, good luck!
ooh thanks girls. ive joined the valentines challenge and i added my name for a team. cant wait to get going now!


will beat the bulge!!
Hi and welcome and well done for joining ww, I have gone back to the ww plan today also :) Good luck xx
welcome to WW - its so easy you could do it with your eyes shut :) good for you for joining the teams / challenges etc.. theyre defo worth it for the motivation factor :)

good luck with your first week anyway :) xxx
Im only just getting to log on now and Im overwhelmed by the support already! Official weigh in is lunchtime tomorrow so Ill keep you all posted. Im actually not too sure what I weigh. We sign up in work to do 8 week blocks so I aim to loose 10lbs in my first 8 weeks.

Im just about to order a vibro plate too....anyone used these before?
are they those vibrating machines you do exercises on? they had them on that gillian mckeith thing and the people who used them lost loads of inches! :)
vibro plate?

Are those those things that are like using a pneumatic drill?

Seem really weird to me - would be keen to hear how it works - apparently though they do work and are very good at upping your metabolism
Ok so I havent recovered from my official weigh in yet :wave_cry:

I officially weigh 15 stone 8lbs! I cant believe it. I feel as big as a house.

Im doing ww in work so its an 8 week plan initially. I plan to loose 10 - 14 lbs in this 8 weeks.

Ive 8 months to my wedding but my sister said realistically Ill only loose about 16lbs in that time?? Surely more?
You sure can!!!! You can lose as much as you want to in 8 months :D I have lost 25lbs in 4 months. You can do that and more I am sure :D

Loads and loads of luck!
Your first few weeks losses can be a lot more than 2lbs but after that they tend to be 2lbs or so. Up your exercise and stick to your points and you'll be fine! Good luck x
Like Lea says (and she is living proof!!) you can lose way more than 16lbs in 8months - that would amount to only half a pound a week

Even at 1lb a week it would be 32lbs or so and with a concerted effort, you could do more than that

Set realistic but stretching goals - some mini targets like activity points goals etc and you'll soon be well on your way.

Good luck xx

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