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Oh-Amy's Diary


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Hi, my name's Amy and up until last Thursday, I'd never have known what a red or a green day was... :p

The diary will be full of the highs, the lows and the down right ugly bits of losing weight.

Thankfully, this weekend I'm working which keeps a good amount of structure in my life and stops me going out 'n' wasting all of my sins on unneccesary empty syns in the form of JD and coke. ;)

Last night was my first WI and I lost 4.5lb! :D Shocked really as although I have tried hard, I've also slipped up a few times - bah, I guess we're all only human.

I'm hoping to stick to the straight and narrow, atleast for today.

Hi to anyone who stumbles upon my diary. :):p
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Hi Amy,
Welcome to sw and good luck on the plan. I see you done very well at your first WI very well done to you. I am faily new to sw so maybe we can help each other along the way.
hey, well done and welcome to sw xxx


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Thanks Gemma and Rainbow - you really are a friendly bunch! :)

At the moment, I've got this horrible virus that's making me feel very unsteady on my feet/slightly dizzy and therefore a bit low. The dr's have said it's just a virus but it's making me start to feel a bit down so have decided if it's not gone by Monday (it'll be a week then) then I'm going to go back to the Dr's and see what they can suggest...

I shall now blame all of the above for making me eating a disgusting amount of white baguette and butter when I got home from work last night. :eek::sigh:

I'm going with the attitude that today's a new day and I'm going to make an extra effort to stick to the plan 100%.

Hope you all have a really good Saturday - I'm working 3pm-11pm so hopefully that'll keep me out of some mischief. :p
Hey Amy,
I hope your starting to feel better, its so horrible all theses virus that keep going around.
Draw a line under it and start today as a fresh day as thats what i am doing.
Thanks for all your advice and help xx


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Thanks Gemma, yep, drawing a line is the way forward! Lol. Hope you had a good day yesterday...

Hi Ronnie & Weemo, hope you're both doing well and feeling motivated!:D

07/03/09 - RED Day

B: Bacon, 2 x Morrison's eat smart sausages, baked beans, 2 x toast
L: Mullerlite, bag of French Fries, apple
T: Beef bolognese sauce & 100g cooked wholemeal pasta, 2 clementines, mullerlite & HiFi bar.

HexA: Milk, Cheese on pasta
HexB: Bread, pasta

Syns: Baked beans (4.0), F/fries (3.5), 2 x tsp sugar (2.0), HiFi bar (5.5) = 15.0! ;)

I don't know what day to do today... Possibly another red as having a roast dinner tonight at work so could just syn a tiny roast potato and eat loads of chicken and vegetables. :p
how are you feeling now? xxx


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Hiya Louise, thanks for the welcome! :)

Nope, still got this virus Rainbow. I think I'm gonna give the Dr's a ring tomorrow and see what they say, it's just worrying me to be honest. It probably is just a virus but as I still haven't physically seen a Dr, I think it might be worth making an appointment.

So so tired, just worked a late shift from 2pm-11pm. Wah. Bed soon, me thinks. I'm also well hungry but craving toast - and lots of it. Lol.


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08/03/09 - Red Day

B: 2 x Morrisons eat smart sausages, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms and toast.

L: 2 Clementines, mullerlite yogurt, hot cross bun. :(

T: Chicken (no skin), cabbage, carrots, 1 tiny roast potato and gravy. HiFi bar, melon and blueberries.

HexA: Milk x 2
HexB: Bread, baked beans.

Syns: Hot cross bun 10.0
2 x tsp sugar: 2.0
HiFi bar: 5.5
(Not counting the potato. :sigh:)

Not an awful awful day but I know I could've tried harder. I'm going to stick to the plan 100% today.

Hope you all have a positive day. :)
Hi all. I am after some advice about the forum as I am not techi and am unsure how it all works. How do I put details such as weight on the side panel? Also there seem to be lots of strands-do you just all flick between the different ones? Sorry for all the questions but keen to get the support that seems to be so good on here. Thanks, Tracey
Yesterday went fairly well. I can't remember exactly what I ate as I forgot to write it down, meh but I would've remembered something really awful! Lol.

Today's my first day off since Thursday and it's been lovely just to sit. Went into town shopping earlier and spent too much money on clothes 'n' make-up. Hopefully soon, I'll be able to buy the next size down in some things (I did buy a new dress in New Look earlier and it's a size smaller than usual but it is a wrap dress so I think it could just be the style, lol.) ;)

Having hash browns (as posted by StaceyUK) and baked beans for tea :D:) I think - really looking forward to it and then cinema later on with my friend, I've started to find if I buy a bottle of water at the cinema, I seem to make it my mission to finish it by the time the film finishes - it can't be a bad thing. :p
RED Day - 11/03/2009

B 1 at 5.30am: Bacon roll
B 2 at 9.30am: Bowl of pineapple, Muller light yogurt and a tiny sprinkling of granola
L: Spicy chicken breast salad, bag of french fries, Muller light yogurt and 2 clementines.
S: Apple, wholemeal roll
T: Piece of gammon (fat removed), green beans, portabello mushroom with sprinkling of grated cheddar, broccoli, carrots and 1 tbsp Bisto.

HexA: Milk, Cheese
HexB: 2 x 57g wholemeal rolls

2 tsp x sugar 2.0
bag of french fries 4.5
1 tbsp Bisto ?
2 x highlights 4.0

I think that's about it. :p Gosh, it looks as if I've been on an eating rampage today. Lol.

WI tomorrow evening and I'm feeling really nervous - especially after properly thinking about how much I've eaten today. I know a lot of it was free foods but there's still that little voice in the back of my head saying I shouldn't have eaten so much. :confused::sigh:

Oh well, going to have an early night and try 'n' be optimistic about tomorrow. Wish me luck please! :D

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi Huni...just reading your diary. I hope that you are feeling better, it sounds as if the virus is really wiping you out!

Take care

2lb on. :(

It is my * week though so maybe that's why...?! 2lb seems a lot though to be honest. Does anyone else put on the lb's like this AF is due a visit?!

Oh well, going to have my chicken chow mein as I vowed I'd have it and then move onwards and downwards tomorrow. :D
2lbs is ok hun, it's probably due to retained water in your body, I reckon if you have a super dooper week this week you'll have a fantastic loss! xxx
Thanks for the support Louise! :D I really do hope that I'll have a loss next week.

Well, I think we'll refer to last night as a very flexible syn night. ;) Went out with a friend and ended up decidedly drunk.

I'm sure today will be a lot more restrained and controlled, lol. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! :):p

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