Oh Crap!!!


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So after 3 weeks on doing ok I have completely come off the wagon, I convinced myself I would be fine over Christmas but have already spectacularly messed up. Why can't I just enjoy food and then get back on to eating healthy I have eaten crap for 7 days consistently now and just feel at my wits end. Don't know what I am looking for by posting this but I need sumthing....and not another bloody doughnut :eek:
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Oh dear try not to worry too much as it is xmas. I have came off track for xmas eve and today but I have decided that I am getting straight on back tomorrow. I find that when I have flexi days if I pick a day to get back on target I can focus on it and it helps me stick to it :)


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Don't beat yourself up about it. Tomorrow is another day so you can start afresh. Good luck and Merry Xmas!


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What you are looking for is support and this is the right place to find it. Remember that there is no failure only feed back. Failure only comes when you quit, you have not quit. Take the feed back from the way you feel after 7 days of excess and how you felt when on plan. Review your goal and then check out how many others on here have made their goals. Its not easy to get there to start, especially this time of year. You are already on track by posting and knowing what the right thing to do is. Merry xmas, all the best


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Well i soooooooo know how you feel as i have done the same ... and to make things worse a couple of days ago i was 9st 12lbs on the scales, and i just carried on eating regardless, so i know i`ll be over 10st again now :( I actually daren`t get on the scales :(

Today we have a 4 bird roast with all the trimmings, and i`ve already been eating my christmas chocs ... but i have given the rest of them to my son and husband, and after thoroughly enjoying my roast today, i will climb back aboard the waggon and be on my way to slimming again. Tomorrow is a fresh day.


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I just want to say that I so feel your pain! Since weigh in last wed's I have totally blown it. I actually started to list the food i've eaten adn deleted it as i'm too embarrased to admit all of it! Lets just say total meltdown!!!

I don't weigh myself too much at home as they never match the scales at class but I do have a rough idea and so this morning I faced them and it was baaaaaaaadddddddd news - Half a stone gain!!!

I've only got until wed's morning to do something about it - I've accepted the gain but I shall only have 5 syns for the next few days just to try and hope that it helps to show a lower loss.

I don't regret it as i've totally enjoyed myself, it has however made me realise that I have some food issues to deal with if I ever want to get to target!!!