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Oh dear.........


Wants a pie
So. It's summer fair season and my daughter's is at the end of June. I usually bake a few cakes for the cake stall and a few rolls for the barbie. The difference this year being that I can't actually taste any of my creations - and that is really bad, especially if you are giving them to a school to sell. I can imagine all the WAG wannabe mums at the school gate the next Monday morning giving me THAT look and smiling at me sympathetically when they find out that the cake with one slice out of it and thrown in the bin after trying to sell it for 7 hours was baked by my loving hands! Anyway, I did a dry run for the rolls this morning - my other half LOVES June :) - and I came up with a GENIUS solution. I just cut the smallest one up into quarters, and chewed the life out of it before spitting it into the bin!!!!!!!! I even washed my mouth out until all traces were gone!!!!!!!! How is that for willpower??:eek:;):D

I'll get my coat now.........................................................
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Wants a pie
Really? I thought it was just paranoid-at-being-called-a-bad-cook behaviour. Never had an eating disorder in my life. Always had a balanced healthy diet and never really had a negative body image, even when weighing in at 17 stone! It was the alcohol which got me - now that's a different story altogether. 8 years of drinking 4 bottles of wine a night sure makes you heavy.

Maybe I will stick to getting the family to try the summer fair stuff out...............:cry:


Step away from the chips!
That must be difficult - i cant bake so never had that problem even before CD lol.

Could your other half act as guinea pig for you? Or a friendly neighbour?

Good luck anyway - i'm sure whatever you bake will be scrummy! x


Wants a pie
Thanks Karen O. I've just sat down and thought about the previous post - and I'm a bit narked now. Surely if what I did was a surefire indication of an eating disorder, then everyone on the CD is suffering from one as well? I mean, we've all decided that conventional food abstinence is the best way to help us lose weight and get healthier? Does that mean that wine tasters who spit the wine out into buckets so they don't get drunk are going to have an alcohol disorder? It's not very nice painting everyone the same shade of grey really is it now?

I'll let you know if I develop an eating disorder seaneen however I think you may be in for an eternal wait.............


Wants a pie
Oh and step away from the chips - you don't even want to know how much I laughed after seeing that - it was quite embarrassing.........:D
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I think seaneen didnt mean that you had an eating disorder. There is a eating disorder where people chew food and spit it out and it is bad for you as it does something to your stomach. I have read about it but cant remember all the details. Im not saying that you have that disorder but i wouldnt carry on doing that, as it is not healthy. Like you said get your family to try things, im sure they will be fine anyway as long as they dont come out burnt. xx


Step away from the chips!
Its my mantra......lol :D

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