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oh god HELP!!!

why do i do it? boyfriends birthday party last sat nite so we were at his mums all having chinese and a party. (i d convinced them this was better than going to the chinese buffet i.e. i can keep in control of what i ate. THEN i have 2 quite small pieces of birthday cake(small compared to what i would have had b4) followed by 4 pernos

so using my hxb for chicken my chowmein was 1.5 syns
cake a whopping 29 syns (ate the icing n all)
and perno was 16 syns

making my total for one night 46syns.

i had no syns yesterday and so far none today i been on the plan nearlt 3 weeks and 3rd wi in tomorrow night grrrrr.

so far i gained 1lb (angelic week)
lost 1.5lbs (another angelic week)
now i had a great week and blew it on a chinese and drink and cake. i could cry, good thing is normally when this happen in a diet i just eat more but seem to have fighting spirit this time.

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Hi Debz, you are half way there... your head is in the game so well done. You need to draw a line under it and move on, we all have a blow out now and again... thats what flexible syns are for. Just think before SW the damage would have been a lot worse. drink lots of water and flush out the toxins... stay on plan and we will all get there together. I bet if you counted up the syns for the week you still would be in the zone???? so its not all bad really.

Good luck for your wi mines tonight and I am dreading it! ( i had a blow out on Sat. too
thanks and good luck for you wi

Debs x
woa, you havent 'blown it'! this is what sw is about, dont feel guilty. soo... youve had 46 syns in one night? big deal! this is what your going to do, today your going to eat within the sw plan, have lots of free food, eat your healthy xs and relax. remember over the week you can have upto 105 syns. so 105 - 46 is 59 syns left for the week easy peasy.

i find the best thing about sw is how flexible it is. you dont have to always be on a 'diet' and you shouldnt feel like you are on a 'diet' keep going, we all have ups and downs but its ht ekeeping going that gets the weight off
Dont panic just be reasonably good for a couple of days to make up for it but that doesnt mean you cant have a small treat just try to use less syns and make sure your total for the week isnt over 105 . if you fancy something and its lowish syns then then have it because otherwise you will feel like you are depriving youself and could end up giving up or being V good for days then thinking well ive stuffed up anyway might aswell stuff up again!

You can do it :) you didnt blow you used flexible syns so thats ok they are fine aslong as you dont do it every day or every week :)
and if you have STS or put on half a lb at your next WI then dont worry you had a lovely evening with your boyfriend celebrating his birthday if you had spent the whole evening paranoid about what you ate you couldve spoilt it not only for you but for him so in a way it was a good thing :)

Gen x
thanks your right i ll eat on plan whatever happens tomorrow will be in the past and i'l move on its just i have nearly 14 stone to lose and it looks so far away. sw doesnt seem to happening so fast for me this time

debs x
thanks your right i ll eat on plan whatever happens tomorrow will be in the past and i'l move on its just i have nearly 14 stone to lose and it looks so far away. sw doesnt seem to happening so fast for me this time

debs x
I have 6(ish)stones to lose wouldve been 10.5 had i not done lipotrim so i know exactly how you feel but you just have to keep on going it may take 5 months for someone to get to their target weight it may take 5 years for someone else all you have to think of is the numbers going down doesnt matter how much by a week you just want a gradual downward trend if its a bit bumpy along the way with the odd gain here and there then thats the way it was supposed to be .. you can get there and you will get there you just have to have faith in yourself you can do it .. go on you know you can :) x
you jsut need to do this at your own pace, im obv only 4lbs away from target and would have liked to have lost weight a lot quicker but i know if i had lost weight quickly, like i have done in the past with CD i wouldnt have enjoyed the journey and probably wouldnt have kept it off. now when i ave a 'bad week' if theres any social occasions i need to go to using what i know of the plan i can limit the 'damage' to a sts or max. 1lb gain, and thats pretty much when ive been 'off plan' all week. if your concerned your not going to loose what you want to loose this week try success express, its really really good at speeding up weight loss!


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i know what i want to say but cant put it into words so i will have a go.
when you are following a eating plan, and you have a day like you had ie a party, even though you are eating a lot, subconsciously you are aware of what you are doing and you probably didnt eat as much as if you werent on the plan, does that make sense.
Losing it slowly hopefully means maintaining easier. In the past I have lost weight quickly the problem then means that I bounce with 7llbs rather than bounce within the two or three I would like to. So love this forum and that people really don't blow it.... I have a night off and then get straight back on plan, which is so untypical of me in previous diets/eating plans.

Slowly slowly catchy monkey!


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I'm sometimes surprised that when I think I've had a bad week, I actually have a good week on the scales at weigh in. Don't worry about it, just keep at it, it doesn't matter how slowly you get there, so long as you get there in the end. On the weeks when you're 'angelic' do you eat lots of free food? Some people lose weight very slowly when they're actually not eating enough.

I allow myself 1 'naughty day' a week a day or two after weigh in and don't count the syns (without going silly), and stick to it rigidly the rest of the week, this helps me stick at it in the long run.

Good luck!
thanks everyone i went home last nite and counted up the whole weeks syns came to 73 thats not so bad. 6 and a half hours till wi so we will see how i go

Debs x
Good Luck I was down 1 1/2 last night so thats me happy! It sounds as though everyone has some calorie related treats... ( I call them blow outs)... so we are all in the same boat. Don't feel bad... if you had put it off you might have really gone OTT!
very true and i would have had much more if i wasnt at slimming world plus a would have had sweet and sour wi fried rice not chowmein so i did sumthing right

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