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Oh I've had a really bad...


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S: 18st7.5lb C: 17st1.5lb G: 14st5lb BMI: 34.4 Loss: 1st6lb(7.71%)
Couple of weeks!! :wave_cry:

It all started when I found out this guy that I use to see was having a baby with someone else....
If I'm totally honest and true to myself I always thought that when we had both sorted ourselves out and our issues we would end up together.
When I found out my mate thought it was really funny but I felt really hurt and like i'd been punched in the stomach...so I went out and got sooo drunk and then did the same on the next night and the next night!!

By the time I had reached the 3rd night I had to eat something so eat some chicken, and some olives and i had a tiny bit of bread...amazingly I was still in Ketosis and still lost 6lbs...probally because I only had about 7 packs over the week.

By then thou I was out of control I had three glasses of wine one night and 4 the night after and I was having so many stresses at work as well.

I then totally was out of Ketiosis and even thou I haven't been weighed this week, I weighed myself and I think I have put on about 10lbs on my scales... I feel like a ten ton tess!!! I'm so disappointed with myself and have stuck to SS+ for the last 4 days but im not going to my counciller this week as she will only tell me off and I already feel **** about it and I have enough packs to get me through till next week!

On top of everything I have a trapped nerve in my shoulder and Im in agony...Still ran my Mile with it in pain and am still going swimming tonight but my god does it hurt! I've never felt pain like it!!

Ive been so stupid and i feel so sad ablout everything
Do you think I can shift the 10lbs in 1 week :(
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Hi LynseyLou,

I can see how this news would of hurt you to the bone.:hug99:

You have done well to get back on the wagon and I think you would feel much better if you went to your meeting and talked it over with your LLC about what has happened, she is not there to judge you, but to help you make your way through this turmoil you are going through, this is the very time that her training will come into play as she may well be able to give you some hints and tips on coping just now. That is what CBT is about helping you see how you reacted emotionally and used food and drink to cope.

Can you phone or email her ahead of time to let her know what has happened.

You may well shift the 10lb gain in a week as most of it, is most lightly from carb overloading.

Love Mini xxx
hun go see ur cdc this week no point in not she might be able to help and just put it down to the past and get on with im sure ull cdc will understand ash xxxx


MUST get a grip
Sorry Lyndsay - I do remember your post a few wks back.... Big hugs to you as emotional roller coaster rides are totally horrid, its the whole out of control thingy that does you in.

Make an appointment, see your CDC - at worst it would take you less than 14days to shift what you 'think' you have gained, in the scheme of things 2 weeks is sod all time specially when you have come as far as you have xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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