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OH just baked cookies!

I am very conscious of the fact this is 'my' diet and not his, and am very appreciative of the fact he is so house-trained that he does all of his own cooking, tries to eat in a separate room to me and so on to avoid making resisting any more difficult than it has to be.

However, tonight he has baked a HUGE tray of giant triple chocolate and walnut cookies - ie my favourite - and I am having my first "bloody stupid diet" thoughts. I won't cave - my whole family are on a mission to vanish the evidence as quickly as possible :D but it is HARD tonight.

It WILL be worth it, I know. Just a little depressed to think I'm 3 weeks down, and probably around 15 weeks to go. Argh!
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I know it's hard hun, but just think another 12 weeks til you're at 15 weeks and can say woohooo 3 weeks to go!!

It'll fly by, you're already 3 weeks in!

OH just made toast and that made me dribble lol, so I know how you feel xxx


Here we go again!
Well done for resisting Bren, it does get easier, really!

I've always been able to cook whilst on LT, yesterday we made a stew in our new slow cooker as a test, it was absolutely gorgeous! The smell was amazing and it was around the house all day. Defo going to have some of that when I finish this.

Don't go worrying about the time either, it really does fly by on this. I can't believe I've done 16 weeks and am on my last one now. It really has gone so quickly.

Stick with it and stay strong, like you said, it really is worth it in the end!
Thats a tough one eh? Bet the house stinks of delicious baking. Stay strong Bren!! I have been a bit resentful and low mood at times but I am good today and loving the weight loss. I have lost a stone and really feel that this is my chance to get to goal. Hang in there Hun you will feel better tommorrow. How is Cleo doing? Not seen her on here for a few days. xx
You resisted LincsBren!:) Well done!

Even just reading the word "cookies" on this post made me start drooling!:p

And well done on being 3 weeks in, that is fantastic, I'm only on day one and it's a struggle so to make it to week 3 will be huge for me!

Keep up the good work, you can do it, and when you do no doubt you will be able to enjoy one or two of those delicious cookies.....yum yum yum!
Thanks size10bikini, yea I'm really just focusing on getting one day done at a time, I just can't wait to have my first weigh in, I know I'll be super motivated if I have a good loss so fingers crossed for Monday!:)

Well done loosing a stone thats great going......size 10 bikini is defo achieveable!:D
Size10 - she's doing REALLY well - she even managed to avoid eating anything at all at the wedding, I was so impressed! She's not got regular internet access at the moment though (soon to be rectified she hopes!) but I'll let her know you asked after her. I'm sure she won't mind me saying she lots 4lbs at her weigh in last Fri - our next weigh in is Saturday :D

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