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try, try & try some more!
I woke up last night with excrutiating cramp in my leg!! even today i've been a bit hobbly... anyone else have this problem... :eek:

it's only ever happened once i'm guessing it could be the lack of salt in my diet, but i'm guessing the packs do contain some salt.. as it is a necessary nutrient for the body?
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Not sure on the salt thing but I know too much water can cause leg cramps, how much have you been drinking?



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I didn't realise too much water could give you cramps! I haven't had any yet but the amount of water i'm drinking i wouldn't be surprised if i did!
I don't really know about the salt thing either so don't really know what to suggest, but hope it feels better soon. *hugs* xx
If you drink too much water you can affect the Potassium levels and this can result in muscle ache or cramp.

Before bed tonight have a glass of slimline tonic water the quinnine will help. Normally the cramps are at night. Tomorrow pop along to your pharmacist and get some quinnine sulphate or crampex either one should help you.



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Oh you poor thing. i used to get them every so often but haven't had one since starting Cambridge. It hurts sooo much. Hope you are feeling better :)


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I suffered all the time with them as lack of salt in my diet, but since I was on cambridge (touch wood) I haven't had any. The doctor recommended quinnine (in slimline tonic) or tablets... might be worth a try... (think someone posted that Holland and Barratt had a sale on, you may be able to get something from there??)

When I was pregnant I suffered with bad cramps & of course was unable to take anything, but they showed me an exercise to do before bed & in the morning worked really well - stopped them. Sit on a chair legs out then 1 foot at a time stretch you foot back you should feel a pull in your calf if you are doing it right. Hope this helps


try, try & try some more!
thanks guys! all info taking in.. will see about quinnine on monday... it's eased up and heres hoping it's a one off thing...

it might be the water thing.. i am only drinking 3-3.5L max but i might hav guzzled that night before going to bed.. got a sore throat! WON'T do that EVER again!! fire alarms don't even wake me up but this did! oouuuccchh!! :eek:

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