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Oh, my Goodness - blueberry muffins!!

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Mixed feelings on this, if you look in the SW book under the free foods for green days there is an asterix next to polenta and this says that when used as a flour subsitute, there is a syn value.....

Personally I would syn them but some would say that if you don't eat the whole batch in one go (which I would do!) and it doesn't do your losses any harm then it probably doesn't matter too much.


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Well to make ground polenta into edible polenta you add water and boil it up...in this you are using egg and muller as liquid and then leave it to absorb. I think if you eat the muffins responsibily and your weight loss' stay steady then count them as free. If your loss' suffer then maybe syn them.

miss jelly tot

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I have recently discussed this with my consulant. She says if it does not effect weight loss then go ahead and use it a syn free. If it does then syn them. It's personally trial and error.

Ive got a tray of 12 warm, summer fruit muffins with choc and quork filling sat behind me. If I turn round then I'll just HAVE to eat one, so eyes front....for now:D
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Hi this is my 1st post,could someone please let me have the syn free muffin recipe and any variations please


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So how come this polenta stuff is free, when couscous can no longer be used to make syn free couscous cake? Or so I was told on here the other day. I am very confused...


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there not there using the same theory but saying if it doesnt affect ya weight loss go ahead have them same with the cous cous cakes


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S: 27st9lb C: 23st12lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 50.8 Loss: 3st11lb(13.7%)
It's basically a 2 fold reason. Firstly if you eat say a cous cous salad you would have X amount and it would be fill you up. If you have the same amount of couscous, but in a cake, it probably wouldn't fill you up.

Secondly it's also retraining your brain. Cake = healthy isn't true. So just because you make it differently doesn't make it any less a cake, sure it might be less in calories and syns, but still. It's the same with roasting chick peas to make "peanuts" and the lasagne/potato strips in the microwave to make crisps argument.

Cake, peanuts, crisps, these are all foods that probably helped you gain weight, so by making them "free" if you make them differently is telling your brain "cakes, crisps and peanuts will help you lose weight", which isn't true. Training your brain into saying you can X amount of these foods to keep losing weight is fine, and a better snack food is fresh fruit or whatever.

I feel I may not of explained that second point very well, so please ask questions if it's confusing!

Oh and with regards to this argument; "couscous/rice is free, so how come if you grind it up it isn't free?" It's simply because a.) your body doesn't use any effort breaking it down and b.) it isn't filling.

Free foods are free, because they are filling and have a low calorie density (the minimum amount of calories for their volume).

Hope this helps,

Natt xxx

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