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Oh!! My goodness, swine flu


Slow but sure....
I have just been told that there is swine flu in the next village to us.

3 children in the primary school have got it and the school has had to close 2 days early for the Summer holidays.

Our villages are so tiny that if you blink you have passed through them, so it won't take long for the flu to spread.

I think I will hibernate just in case.....
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Hasnt someone on here got swine flu? :( Poor girly.
A few of the schools here have SF too, they have closed one but are not going to close the other one. Apparently there is no point as everyone is going to get some strain of SF soon anyway, or so the TV says.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hey Huni...you will be ok, just follow the clean routine and it will just be like a bad cold (thats if anything happens to you!). A colleague of mine has come down with it and there are 2 schools in my town that have step up measures as some children have it there.
They arent even closing schools down anymore!


Slow but sure....
Yes, it seems to be gathering force and spreading wider.

There is a girl on here got it, I do hope she is feeling better, get well soon if you happen to look in. X


Trying again!!!
I'm not feeling well to-day and my hubby keeps saying to me it's swine flu!!! A man that works with my brother has just came back from America and him and his family all have it ~ thing is he is still at his work!! I live in the country but just outside a tiny village so I know what you mean Donnie!! xx


Slow but sure....
Thank you MrsV, I am very careful with washing hands etc and always use an anti-bacterial spray too if I am out, I have one that fits in my bag, in fact I sent one out to my son in New Zealand as there were quite a lot of serious cases out there at one time, it is dying down now, but I sent one to him just in case.


Bring it on!
NN89 had it and she weighed in as she was better. She has posted about, generally felt pretty unwell i think. I'm the school of thought that says try to avoid it but if you get it it's just like seasonal flu!


Where in norfolfk you from miss donnie? as there is 3 children and 1 teaching assistant with confirmed swine flu in the school up the road from me.


Slow but sure....
I live in a little village called Walcott, it's half way between Gt Yarmouth and Cromer, it's right on the coast and very quiet.


LOL not the same school then!! still not to good either way though. :(
Hi Donnie

I know your village very well ! My relatives had the red lion in Upper Sheringham and my brother run the Bell at Hunworth near leatheringset.

Cromer was an old stomping ground for me as a young lad.

Small world eh !!

Phil X


Desperate to be slim!
We have it at school too, and have been told not to shut down as everyone will get it in the end!!!

Just antibac gel on the hands constantly!
Had a letter from daughters school, they have a suspected case. They're not closing though. Just gave DD the run down on using a tissue and hand washing, but lets face it most of us will probably get it sometime!

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