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Oh no, oh no, oh no!!!

AS I've said previously on here, I don't get cravings for sweets or cakes or... well, anything bad really (I'm overweight because I like curry and cheese and I hate exercise!) but there is one sweet thing that I ADORE and it's the season for them... how on EARTH am I going to be able to avoid my precious HOT CROSS BUNS?

I'm actually going to have to avoid the shops all together throughout Easter, they are a weakness of mine and right now I can't think of anything else. Why me?! :cry:
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Maybe you don't have to avoid them completely, if I remember rightly they are about 8/9 syns. So maybe you can save you syns for a little treat. It's just the buying of them and not eating the lot, may be a problem...they are yummy ;)....so maybe you might need to get someone to hide the rest. I know I would :D
Hmm... there are 6 in a packet, I am best off not buying them at all TBH! I also need a fat wad of butter in them too!!! THEY ARE EVIL *puts hands over ears* LA LA LA LA LAAAA.
:ignore: Yeah it's probably for the best ;) Just think of them as being evil, and that they taste of poo. :jelous:

And with all the lovely food we can have on slimming world, who needs them, make yourself a lovely SW recipe or something else thats nice instead.

Maybe just something tasting of that lovely spice with raisins, etc would be okay... we'll see how desperate I get, lol.
Hmm... there are 6 in a packet, I am best off not buying them at all TBH! I also need a fat wad of butter in them too!!! THEY ARE EVIL *puts hands over ears* LA LA LA LA LAAAA.
Lol - I'm exactly the same - I love them toasted with a mountain of butter (not your mamby pamby spread stuff either... real, serious, proper butter!!)

I've decided I'm just not going to buy any as I know I won't stop at 1 :(
My thing was Devon cream teas - scones dripping with strawberry jam and clotted cream! About 100 syns each! I don't think it would be possible to make a low syn version.
If you want to put yourself off whenever you see a pack think of having to run for 3 hours then decide if it's worth it eating lots of them :p. I had this problem when people started talking about going out for my bday, talking about booze and high fat meals and I just decided whatever I do I'll think of how hard I'd have to work to get it off again and it helps me be healthy.
I noticed co-op do a reduced fat version that are 7 1/2 syns each so you could have 2 and put the rest in the freezer and only take out 2 at a time.
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Co-op Hot Cross Buns, Reduced Fat, 6 pack 60g each[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
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7½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 7½ Syns
Green 7½ Syns
Thank you to all of you, some nice suggestions :) I'm glad I stumbled across this place :)


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The Weetabix cake from the SW website tastes of mixed spice and raisins, and is actually pretty nice - 3.5 Syns per piece (based on cake cut into 12).


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kikikisses..that is a really good suggestion. I need to try that next time I get tempted to dip into my curries I make for the rest of the family. It definately is one of my weaknesses.
Why not treat yourself at the supermarket cafe to one a week? It could be your little reward for NOT buying a whole packet!

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