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oh the taste...

okay today is day one- 3food packs plus one meal a day. Started with a strawberry milkshake for breakfast- not very tasty but just downed it, later i had the vegetable soup-just couldnt stomach it so threw it away. Ive also tired i little bit of both of the bars-thought theyd b nice but really couldnt stand the taste! Feeling quite disheartened now, did anyone else think the same? Does it get better?!
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I can't imagine having the packs alongside 'real food'. In the context of them being the only thing you eat they aren't horrible - in fact I really like the milkshakes and the rasin bar - but that's when I'm not eating anything else in the same day to compare them with.
I think the nature of the stuff dictates that it's never going to be really tasty, or something you would actively choose to eat under normal circumstances.
Just think of it as your 'medicine' and it shouldn't be too rough :)
Good luck as well for the first week! x

Mrs R

Full Member
The shakes taste really nice if you put a sweetner in them and some ice. The soups are an acquired taste, I love the bars now but thought at the beginning they were a bit "rice krispie". Trust me when you get really really hungry they will taste great :)


taking it 1 day at a time
I don't find them horrible, in fact I think they are rather bland, lending themselves well to a bit of tweaking. Now I'm on WS I suppose I feel they are my medicine, or nutrient insurance. Love being able to play with real food to get a bit of taste into my life. (just wish that hadn't included an Oreo truffle my kids made yesterday, whoops!)
okay thanks all!
i think i'll pop out and get some sweetener later, i'm really hoping i can stick at this! (especially as i ordered the three weeks supply!)
I think the nature of the stuff dictates that it's never going to be really tasty, or something you would actively choose to eat under normal circumstances.
Just think of it as your 'medicine' and it shouldn't be too rough :)
Good luck as well for the first week! x
Amen to that. It was a message I've since given up trying to put across, but glad someone else has!

Soup - use at least 400mls water (100 cold, add 300 hot), and chuck in loads of herbs, chilli flakes, tabasco, black pepper, maybe a grind of garlic - whichever floats your boat. Kill the flavour if necessary. Don't think I've ever had one straight... love tabasco.

There are also unofficial 'recipes' on the LL sections of the forum, so if diet boredom really sets in, you might want to have a look.

Bars - you get used to them. In fact, I quote look forward to 'orange day'. and you'll be surprised how excited one can get over a particularly juicy raisin...

Shakes - despite other people's misgivings, tablet sweetener has been my saviour. Bring it on. Add coffee to the vanilla, add peppermint tea to the chocolate, etc.

It's not 'delicious' or 'tasty' - it's not meant to be, TBH. It's meant simply to keep you functioning, with a modicum of flavour to encourage compliance. Compared to other VLCDs it's actually pretty damn good.

Most of us have had our gripes over individual products, but you get used to it. :)
Everyones tastes are different. I cant have the bars due to allergies (and tbh i wasn't all that keen on them).

Soups i find are vile, i neck them and get it over and done with.

The shakes on the other hand are lush - even without adding anything. Omnomnomnomnom! So tasty.

Once this box is finished i'm considering ordering just the shakes. I'd be very happy with that.

I did have a thought whilst baking easter goodies the other day. How you get vanilla essence, strawberry etc...if you put a tiny drop in each shake to enhance the flavour. I'm pretty sure they are fairly low in calories and wouldn't make much difference to the VLCD. Just the bottle had little nutritional info on. :)

Mrs R

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God yes this one is great, I actually really like the shakes and bars and enjoy eating them. The Cambridge on the other hand actually made me vomit - I stuck it for a week only.


Serial Foodie!
i've enjoyed both bars and all the soups/shakes I've tried so far (until tonight...that tomato concoction is just awful!) Going to try the choc and strawberry shakes tomorrow then i will have sampled it all. i think the post above is right in saying you start to enjoy anything when you dont have real food to compare. miss D has some goos ideas as well. i did the vanilla with coffee last night and almost wept with joy... a firm favourite now!
Me too!
How my taste buds must have shriveled!
Thanks for you advice on this - especially Miss D, the sweeteners worked well, i really enjoyed the chocolate milkshake yesterday but am now sad that i only have 6 left :(
I brought some chilli powder which i added to the soup today, as a chilli virgin i didnt appreciate how little i should put on!! ekk that was hot!

I now quite enjoy the nut and raisin bars! though i really personally dont like the orange chocolate ones - think i may have to sell those on!

i think my next order will purely be chocolate shakes and nut and raisin bars! LOL:D

thanks all for your great advice x

(no thanks go to the OH who has just eaten 6 choclate digestives while sat next to me!)
Ah, now i am reminising about the exante products. Didn't care much for soups but the shakes were nice and creamy, just needed a sweetner to liven them up.
And the bars..... Oh the bars I just loved, I would curl up infront of the tv with a hot cup of coffee and my bar. Really used to look forward to it. I really enjoyed my exante experience.
It's a taste you'll get used to and end up enjoying I promise x

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