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Oh to be a consistent Target Member!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by janetelizabeth, 31 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    Hi, I'm Janet and as you can see reached my target weight in October 2013. It's been a good journey considering my strange dietary needs and preferences.
    I still attend my weekly class (Wednesday mornings) as I can go for FREE and to be sure, if I didn't I would probably have regained some of my lost pounds.

    Thinking about my eating pattern for any given week....it seems to be:
    After weigh in on Wednesday until Sunday I go a little 'wild' and then have to reign the whole thing in so I'm still in range for my weigh in. Please don't ask if this is stressful...it is!!

    Hum....:rolleyes: I know that's not what I'm supposed to be doing!!

    This morning I went to class and STS...that's for the 3rd week...10st 5lbs...bang on target; no complaints.

    After I got home from the class we went out for the day....hence the meal deal lunch; also walked about 3 hours.

    Breakfast: Options hot choc, fresh fruit chopped and topped with Alpro plain yogurt.
    Snack: bag of Sunbites.
    Lunch: Sainbury's meal deal....tuna & sweetcorn sandwich, cheese & onion crisps, fruit drink, carrot cake...OK, one item was an extra!
    Snack: 2 small bars mint choc 11g each, scone, jam & clotted cream tea.
    Supper: bag Sunbites, fresh melon and strawberries. Cup liquorice tea.

    Thanks for reading....
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  3. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    I slept so well last night...must have been all the walking... Scales were up 1lb, this doesn't affect my day. :D

    Today I've been at home and did about an hours gardening...

    Breakfast: Options hot choc (2syns) fresh fruit chopped and topped with Alpro plain yogurt (I use this as HexA)
    Lunch: 2 Rosemary & red onion sausages, large jacket potato, tbsp. tomato sauce (1syn) steamed veggies: broccoli, runner beans, peas & carrots.
    Snack: cup Options hot choc (2syns) small bar Aldi 70% dark choc (7syns)
    Supper: 2x 25g Ryvita minis HexB, 2 meringues (6syns) strawberries, 50g ice cream (5 1/2syns)...never weighed that before!

    (23 1/2syns)
    Last edited: 31 July 2014
  4. Jaffa Cake

    Jaffa Cake Gold Member

    Found you x

    My diary is in slimming world food diaries instead of this section

    I only started mine yesterday !
  5. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    I thought this was in food diaries!! Huh....what do I know? Is it possible to 'link' this to the right place?
    I'm off to find yours too Jaffa!!:D
    Last edited: 31 July 2014
  6. Jaffa Cake

    Jaffa Cake Gold Member

    Maybe PM a moderator like Pierre or Starlight for advice ?
  7. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    Yes I went to the tech team and posted for Pierce....waiting for an answer. Thanks Jaffa, you're very helpful.
  8. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    Thankfully this has been moved to the right place now.
    Didn't sleep too well last night, not quite sure why....scale up another 1/2lb :cool: This is my usual pattern....hum....

    Breakfast: cup of Options, fresh fruit & yogurt, glasses of water
    Lunch: jacket potato, 2 flat mushrooms, stirfry veggies in frylight and some passata, 35g grated soya cheese, fresh veggies.
    (back to update later....)
  9. Jaffa Cake

    Jaffa Cake Gold Member

    I can't find you at all now but I had subscribed so went through my favourites !!
  10. Jaffa Cake

    Jaffa Cake Gold Member

    Oh no its been moved to Weight Watchers not Slimming World - you will need to re contact them
  11. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    Tut....I couldn't find it either only under my subscribed...!! Thanks will get onto it again!
  12. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    Snacks: cup of Options (2) small dark choc bar (7) sunbites (6) Free From cookie (4)
    Supper: minis, fresh watermelon.
    Walked in the Country Park for 1 hour.

    I've had quite a lax day eating wise again... 21 syns
    Last edited: 2 August 2014
  13. Jaffa Cake

    Jaffa Cake Gold Member

    Maybe try 10 syns tomorrow to balance things out ??

    It is the snacks which creep up with me as well
  14. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    Should add I didn't sit and stuff all that down for the snack...the sunbites were mid morning, choc was afternoon and biscuit was after the long walk! Just could have made better choices.
  15. Jaffa Cake

    Jaffa Cake Gold Member

    If that were me I would have eaten the crisps followed by the chocolate with the options drink. I have had to go cold turkey on snacks again as I was out of control !!
  16. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    Yes snacking can be my problem too...am thinking about that one.

    Sleep was broken up last night, snoring husband and then evidently I disturbed him! Not a happy start to Saturday! Scales STS as yesterday so grateful for that!
    Weather doesn't look very bright out there today, I don't have any food shopping to do so maybe it will be a chore day at home! My sister in-law's husband is very poorly so we may have to suddenly make plans and go to London...please God not but doesn't look very hopeful at the moment.

    Anyway....eating wise...it's Saturday and I feel like I shall now get back on plan 100% now...that means giving some thought about those extras, that mainly creep in when I'm out and about. :)
  17. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member


    Breakfast: Options (2) chopped fresh fruit, Alpro plain yogurt (HeA)
    Lunch: Baked Rice dish: tuna, cheese -soya & goats (HeB), rice, lots of chopped mixed veggies saute in frylight, tomatoes, salsa (2)
    Snack: Options (2) small bar 70% dark choc (7)
    Supper: Ryvita minis (HeB), fresh melon.
    Total: 13 syns :happy096:

    Food all eaten and exactly as I posted...been a satisfying day, no cravings either! :bighug:
    Last edited: 2 August 2014
  18. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    I was the one to shift bedrooms last night due to a whole lot of snoring going on....but at least I slept well :D
    Scales 1lb down this morning....great, getting back on plan always shifts any bloat!!


    Breakfast: Options (2) fresh fruit & Alpro plain yogurt (HeA)
    Lunch: jacket potato, feta (HeA) 1/2 plate mixed salad, fat free dressing
    Snack: Options (2) small bar 70% chocolate (7)
    Supper: Ryvita minis (HeB) fresh fruit.

    Will update more later....
    Last edited: 3 August 2014
  19. Jaffa Cake

    Jaffa Cake Gold Member

    Yay you're in the right place !

    Well done for staying on plan yesterday

    Is it options hot choc you are drinking as I thought they all had skimmed milk in ?
  20. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    Hi Jaffa,
    Yes you're right it does have dried milk in, which isn't brilliant for me so that's why I limit myself to 2 cups (not mugs) a day. Also kind of gives me that chocolate fix!!
  21. Jaffa Cake

    Jaffa Cake Gold Member

    I got excited thinking you had found a vegan version !

    I have one about once a month or so and you have put me in the mood for one now . May adjust my diary.

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