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  1. little_teapot

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    Hey all, newbie here!

    I've been loitering around here (sounds so sleazy!!) for a few weeks, trying to make sure I'm in the right frame of mind to give this my all. I must say, you are all so inspirational and it's lovely to see such drive to reach your goals. There are just one or two little niggles I really want to sort out in my mind before I hit the ground running, and was hoping you lovely peeps may be able to help me...

    I'm 27 and a size 16 (breathing in!!). I lead a very hectic lifestyle, always miss breakfast and usually lunch too as I work late nights as a bar manager. I know I've put a lot of weight on recently as I've moved to working in a far more social bar where we would generally have a drink after every shift. Don't get me wrong, it's only one glass of wine 5 nights a week but alcohol and its horrible empty calories have always stuck to me like glue! I put a stop to drinking entirely 2 and a half weeks ago because I know that has contributed to my weight gain and also because I know it wasn't good for me and have definitely noticed a difference. Now I'm ready to start my diet (TS initially) and am in a good frame of mind; i'm not a massive food lover. I generally eat out of necessity, although obviously not the right things so am hoping I wont struggle too much! From flicking over some of you guys' diaries I do have ONE worry though - I'm not and never have been a weigher! I genuinely don't know how much I weigh and havent since I moved out of my parents' 10 years ago! I see how focussed you all are and how specific your goals are because you have short term targets to aim for. HONESTLY, do you think I could make a success of this without the scales?! I can't decide whether to just get some and risk it affecting me, or just to not bother and risk kicking myself further down the line!

    Ramble over and APOLOGIES for my first post being such a long, droning one, and all over a set of scales!
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    Hello and welcome to the madhouse ;)

    If you can do this without scales you're a better woman than any of us ;). Buying scales might be a bad idea especially if you end up a serial weigher. Could you get weighed maybe at Boots once a week/fortnight or maybe at a friends?

    Weighing isn't compulsory though :). Although I'd like to know how much I've lost when I got to goal even if I wasn't bothered on a week to week basis
  4. valentine

    valentine miss yo yo

    the scales are a personal choice.....maybe just an initial WI to see where ya bmi is etc and how much you need to lose to be a healthy bmi...Then just do what ever you want...scales are not always a good thing..A tape measure is also a good guide as to whether you are losing too ...good luck xxxxxxxx
  5. curvygirlyclaire

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    I wouldnt worry about the scales at all, like valentine said, just weigh at the start so you know how far you have come, your clothes will tell you that you have lost weight, if and when you decide to weigh yourself is up to you, I would weigh maybe once a month in boots whilst you go to town. Good luck x
  6. little_teapot

    little_teapot New Member

    Aw thanks ladies! Yeah you're probably right, I didn't want to get too fixated on my weight because it's never been a factor I judge myself on I'd just focus on how well my clothes fit. I reckon realistically when (fingers crossed) I've made a success of this I'd probably be gutted if I couldn't say I've lost xxx pounds! Maybe just a once in a while weigh in at boots would be the best thing for me!!
  7. Getslimquick

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    hi there,
    I was not going to weigh at all too, as it makes me loopy! But now I restrict myself to once a month; that seems to work well, I don't get knocked off course by daily fluctuations and I get big rewards. Delayed gratification! I am pleased that I did now, the results are so fantastic on TS that you would really miss out on one of the many plus factors of the diet. Take the plunge, weigh but don't let it rule your life.
    PS - I have discovered a life without any alcohol is just fine too!
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