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Oh Yes I'm back!

Mike 24

Full Member
HELLO everyone!

Well, its been MONTHS since I trod thes hallowed grounds...mainly through sheer lazyness and me not knowing what I was doing :).

Yes, I'm back...and here to stay folkes. Don't know how many of you remember me but I'm Mike and i'm 24 (25 in a month!) and I've been going at this diet since January now! :D

I started at 21st1lb and as of yesterday I am currently 14st7lbs! Now, I did get to 14st but I fell off the wagon and got myself into a spiral of eating over a month, all my fault, but I've pulled myself up, dusted myself off and I'm back!

Some of you may also remember I work as a drag queen (hehe) so I thought you might like to see how I'm getting along so...please if you will, go have a gander at my website Ginny Tonic - London Based Drag Queen & Entertainer to get the full Idea of what Ginny is shaping up to be! I'm having a propper photo shoot in a couple of months so thats gunna be a LOT of fun!

If anyone can help me locate my old pic of Ginny I posted on the site to stick on this one I would be eternally greatful LOL! That'll give you some idea of the change!

Anyway, I've also attached a couple of pics of me so far compared to my January pics :D as well so you can see how I'm doing. Maybe I'll manage to bag myself a nice new man at my party :p

Hope you are all well, come say hi...i've missed you all

Big hugs and kisses

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Mike you look fantastic, well done!! Love the picutures of Ginny she looks amazing too. I have been doing LL since March and have currently lost 4st and have just started Maintenance, good luck with the rest of your journey.xxx Abbey.


likes posting.
hi Mike im Eileen its nice to meet you well done on your fantastic weight loss so far, i had a look at your website, i would love too see one of your shows, the site is fab.Hope too talk soon.


Taking Back Control...!!!
Well check you out how fab do you look.... both as Mike and Ginny of course..... well done...!!

BTW see if I can 'bump' your old page up - it had your 'before Ginny' pic on it.....

Looking good, looking good...........:D


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S: 18st7.8lb G: 11st0lb
Wow what a difference you must be so proud of yourself! I wish I could look as glamorous as Ginny! In my dreams!
Hey all and thanks for your kind comments!

Well, I want ti ideally be somewhere between 11 and 12 stone...I think thats going to be very much a healthy range within my BMI and (hopefully) I will look good at that point.

The gym is deifnately going to he;p with this. over the last month I've started doing a lot more at the gym. I got at least 3 times a week now and I do at least an hour and a half of cardio and THEN go into a bodypump class...IT realyl works and its nice to see I can outdo a lot of the other people in the gym heh ;). I'm also noticing little bumps here and there under my skin...I believe they call them muscles LOL. You wait...I'll be a little gym bunny by the time I'm at my target hehe.

Mike - you look fantastic - what a difference. Well done!

And as for Ginny, what a foxy chick!!! Fabulous!!

How are you coping with such a full-on gym schedule on the packs? All that cardio...seriously impressive.

Welcome back and lovely to say hello and see your fantastic progress.

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxx
Mike! :D
You look fantastic!
(I'm typing in a boa and excessive amounts of diamante to welcome back Ginny in style - I had no idea you were a drag queen, although how I missed that is beyond me! Ooh fabulous, some bitching glamoor on the board!!)
What happened in the 'slip up?'
Pleased to hear you're back on track :D
Do you ever post as Ginny? ;)
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Welcome back Mike ... awesome pics - amazing achievement!!

I am so seriously impressed (and just a tad jealous! ;)) - you've stuck to the plan and now are reaping the richly-deserved rewards!

Great pics of Ginny too (now 'Thinny Ginny' lol). It's been a real 'tonic' seeing your photos and hearing about your progress. :D
My slip up....

Ohhh well, in response to your quesiton about the slip up...it started when I decided that a brest of chicken wouldn't hurt. This happened the moment I heard that i'd have to do this '100 calorie week'. I think menally i freaked and had the chicken....this was shorly followed a couple of days later with some salmon, which then turned into a weekend of general debauchery!. Ever since i've struggled getting back to abstaning, and falling off for the odd meal here and there.

However, something clicked at the weekend and I strode back to the wagon and hopped on! :p. Its funny how that happens isn't it!

Thanks for all your great comments girls. Anyone wanting free makup tips you know where to come :D

Oh, Ginny likes to think of herself as Ginny 'Slimline' Tonic now :)


you should see one of the cosutmes cuttenly being made...leaves little to the imagination LOL!
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Oh, Ginny likes to think of herself as Ginny 'Slimline' Tonic now :)


you should see one of the cosutmes cuttenly being made...leaves little to the imagination LOL!
Can't wait to see that Mike! ;) I'm currently working my way down from marquee, through bell-tent and hopefully on to Monsoon dress in the next few months :)
Love the 'slimline' tonic quip xx

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