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Oily fish

I had salmon yesterday and the day before. No more than the recommended amount but I now have the oily stuff again :sigh: I love salmon but I don't think I will be eating it too often.
Also for those of you that do eat oily fish. Has the oily yuk ever changed colour.
When eating cake or something like that the oil has been bright orange but after eating the fish its been a very dark brown colour.
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Hey Tan,

I'm not an expert and new to Xenical too...but when i looked at the fat content for Salmon per 100g, it was more than 5g (can't remember what it was)...but i know i was dissapointed that I wasn't allowed it - as i LOVE salmon!!

Think you have to remember to check the fat per 100g (should be less that 5g), and bare that in mind...even if you are only eating a 50g portion and it fits within the less that 15g fat per meal rule?

Thats my understanding anyway, could be wrong!!

Good luck
Tan, Sealy is right. Oily fish is higher than the 5% and unfortunately Xenical does not know the difference between these healthy and good for us oils and bad fats. So even though its healthy fat in oily fish, it makes no difference to Xenical, same goes for low fat spreads, low fat hard cheeses and olive oils.
Hi guys,

I had 125gm of Salmon a few nights back not realising it was that bad and suffered no consequences (thank god)

Like Ali says it affects people differently.

Just for the record, I had swordfish lastnight, it was gorgeous, texture was a bit like salmon.

i had a salmon veg and mint potato steam meal the other night from tesco the whole thing had 7g of fat in it , not much salmon but still some , might be good to check it out if you really want fish :p
Haddock or Cod is ok with Xenical. I also found some "Salmon Burgers" in Tescos which are 4g fat and very tasty!


LiSe x
With the salmon, you relly need to check the label ( if its prepacked), as different producers have different info. Wild salmon will also be lower in fat compared to farmed salmon. Farmed salmon can be anything from 7 - 25% fat :eek:

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