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Ok Bare with me i need to Babble (advance warning)


Going From Flab to FAB!
Ok so i sat at the lappy last night and i showed my other half the posts about the 100g fat thingy to try and get him to explain it to me in english!
(im not great at maths)

I jut cant understand why we need to base it on 100g ??? .... say if i have a tin of spaghetti and its 6g for the whole tin and the tin is 100g and i only eat half .... then why wouldnt my intake be 3? ...

Or am i looking at this completly wrong? Maybe im just being thick! ......

eeeeeeeeeeek ... sorry but being cornish doesnt help much either lol :rolleyes:;)
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The 100g is so that you can work out the percentage of fat.
If you have a piece of cheese that is say 25g in weight, and there is 12g of fat in that 25g piece, then to work out the percentage of fat, you would multiply by 4, so in 100g of that cheese, there is 48g of fat, so 48% fat.
Now the spaghetti, 6g of fat in a 200g tin, is 3g per 100g so 3% fat, so yep you're right that is 3g for your 100g portion, but if you eat the 200g, you're intake is 6g, but the fat percentage is still 3%.
I've probably confused you even more now haven't I? :rolleyes:
Hi Pixie

If a label says its 5g fat or less per 100g then its completely fine to eat. Thats it.

If you eat 200g of the food then you are still ok, but you have eaten 10g of fat, if you eat 300g then you have had 15g of fat. (This will be your limit for a meal).

Does that help?

Julie x
we have to base ot on 100g as thats what doctors and xenical insist. its just the way the tablets work.. thats all..

and its pretty easy to do because on nearly every packet you can see how much per 100g and that makes it a yes or no to eat.. you dont have to worry about it in great detail or worry whys and if's you just have to read the label and see if its less then 5g per 100g =]


Going From Flab to FAB!
Oh God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so have i done my lunch properly? ... Ive had a lighter choices wrap which was 2.7g per 100g i ate 1 .. so do i write down on my paper that ive had 2.7g ? orrr do i write down the 1.8g which is what they are each ? ..

Im so sorry to sound really thick and stupid but i really dont want to make any mistakes, Maybe im making it harder than it is!?!?!? ...

My lunch was (all done tracking the 100g)

1 wrap,2.7
ham 3.3 (one slice)
salad 0

am i doing it right ? ....
You write down what the fat amount of what you ate was. So even though your wrap was 2.7g of fat per 100g ( totally fine), but the whole wrap was 1.8g, than that's what you write down :)


Going From Flab to FAB!
oh thank god! ...... so! ... my wrap was 1,8 and my ham would have been 0.2 instead of the 3.3 ! .. could have had so much more for my lunch! LOL
so if i do it that way its fine and the only thing i need to check on the 100g thing is that the whole pack doesnt exeed 5g per 100? have i got that correct now?


Going From Flab to FAB!
Thank god !!!!!!!!!!!!

got there in the end !

thanks for baring with me guys!

yeah it takes a while to get used to it but you got it now =] xx

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