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Extra Easy Ok .. confused.com .. help pwease ?

Heya Guys .... I don`t want to screw up, but i`m not sure if i`m getting this right.

Tomorrow i have the first of many "xmas" meals ... i`ve had a sneaky look at the menu in advance and they do a:

Gammon steak (i can cut the fat off) topped with fried egg (? griddled, free or not) and the "home cut chunky chips" ... eek ? how do i know what to do ? I taje it i`d have to syn them, but how do i know how much to syn them by ?

I`m hoping i can ask for "baby potatoes" instead of chips tho ... coz they`d be free then wouldn`t they ? ..... But if not then chips it would have to be :( (but obviously not SW chips, so i take it i have to syn any other form of chip ?)

I`ll be having veggies too ... i`m sure of it, though not stated on the menu i`m sure you`ll get an option of veg or salad (blooming hope so) ..... Help ... i normally do Red Days so feel completely out of my depth and i`m only 1.5 lbs away from my 1st interim target ... how do i get it right ?
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I would count the gammon as free with the fat cut off, fried egg is half a syn, take a tissue or use your serviette to mop up the excess oil (I do this and I don't care if people think I'm strange).
You could change the chips to new potatoes if you wish but if you have to have chips then count the syns. I always have chips when out and have a rather unusual method of synning them which I call a flat rate syn amount (yes, I know what you're all thinking). I call a portion of chips 17 syns, I don't worry about how big/small/greasy/thick/thin or I'd drive myself mad. A portion of chips when I'm out is 17 syns so there.
This probably isn't much use to you is it?
well judging by the amount you've lost and maintained I'm happy to go for a flat rate syn amount too!
Ha ha ha ... got to agree ... there is certainly something in it to have lost 7 stone Eternity hun ... well done, that is fantastic :)

I ended up not going .... snow *sigh* ... so had omlette with SW chips ... sat here all full and happy now :D

Allie ....lmao at you blotting the oil out of your chinese .... but it`s worth it to cut out the syns, it is certainly something i will remember next time i`m eating out :) x x

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