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OK Enough is Enough


One Day at a Time
Well I'd like to say I'm glad to be back....

Here I am, back at the beginning again, not quite sure where it all went wrong. But I have new goals and aspirations for next year and they are not going to happen unless I get my butt into gear (actually size 14 gear to be precise!)

I'd like to say a great big 'hello out there' to Everyone. Looking forward to posting and being a member of this forum again!
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is going to loose!
Hi LollyPop,

Welcome back! Good luck with your journey. Next year sounds like a big year for you. When do you start?



is going to loose!
EXCELLENT, work. Keep up the water and keep busy! Ketosis is only 1 or 2 days away and then you will be set. Are you feeling hungry at all?



One Day at a Time
Thanks Bren. No not hungry at all. I was low-carbing the previous couple of days but not in ketosis yet... I'm not really worried. Last time I did CD I had a kind of euphoric first month where I was so pleased to be doing something positive and I've got that feeling back again. Every time I tried CD between I could never get that feeling. It must be my key to success!!

Plenty of water again today and 2 tetra's down, 1 more to have in a few minutes. Plus arranged to go back to the gym on Monday with an old CD buddy so have lots to look forward to.

Thanks for your support x
Hey Lollypop, I was wondering where you'd disappeared to. So welcome back and hope to read lots from you. You mentioned going to the gym, how often do you exercise per week? just curious, I haven't had my 2nd weigh-in yet (cdc out), and its TOM, but I was wondering if the exercise hindered the fat loss?


One Day at a Time
Hello Enlightenme2, I'm rubbish at being on here this time around. Would you like to swap email addy instead and then I'll be much more communicative!!

As for the diet... I've just had my first weigh-in after two weeks back on CD. I've had some little mishaps so I'm very glad with my 13lb loss for two weeks.

I try and exercise 2 or 3 times a week. Last time around I was religious about it this time I'm a bit more light-hearted. I'm trying to do about hour and half session at the gym or an hour with a swim after.

How are you going?
Well done lollypop.... keep us updated on your progress .... we are all here for ya!

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