Ok folks are you ready for this?? ........


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My Before pic and one we took today!
10lbs in a month!


Sorry if it scared anyone lol
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wow such a difference!!! you can really tell from these pictures that youve budged half a stone off well done!!!


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Your doing fantastic and can really see the difference. Keep it up and you'll be at target in no time. Well Done. xx


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Wow! Its amazing what a difference 10lbs makes! You look wonderful!

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Well done hun - you can really notice the difference x


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Blimey thats great, it looks more than 10lb though :D


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Wow, thats so brave of you to show us. Its brilliant when you can really SEE the difference. Well done and congrats on your ever shrinking figure!!!!! Youve really given me a nudge with this thread.


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Fantastic! You can really notice the difference! Well done and keep it up, lass!


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congratulations! you're looking really different, I hope I look so different after my first 10lbs!


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Wow, you can really see the difference, i wish i'd taken photos like this!

congrats, 10lbs in a month is bloody fab! I bet you feel it too :eek:) x


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Well done, you can really see the difference. Thanks for posting this it's very encouraging :)


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S: 17st0lb C: 16st0.7lb G: 11st0.0lb BMI: 36.3 Loss: 0st13.3lb(5.59%)
Thanks guys, couldn't do it without you, all your comments are brill and really spurring me on, they in fact brought tears to my eyes so thank you so much. We WILL all be slim for next Xmas :) The next pic will come when I have lost another 10lbs


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That's a brilliant change already. You are doing really well xx


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And you can see the edge of your abs! Well done!