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ok getting fed up and want to eat! atkins?

im half way through week 10 and am getting soooo bored...

i really want to make it to week 12 at least as i set this as my intial goal (3.5 stone in 12 wks to make me 10,7).

BUT i am so desperate to eat again.

is anyone else thinking of when to end CD/SS and do a diff diet to lose the rest and/ or maintain?

aaarrgghhhh bored bored bored... and cold and hungry lol :cry:
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i've done the ss+, 810 and now on 1000plan. No weight loss on the 1000, but have lost 4" over 2 weeks. Don't ditch the cd just yet.
Just to echo what others have said, why not give one of the plans a whirl no need to necessarily switch to a different diet.

I agree, move up through the diet first. I plan to follow a low carb diet when i finnish to keep control of my weight as suagar and flour are real triggers of mine.
keep going though hun, you are doing well!

Yes, I've noticed that difference too Dancing and it is interesting. My thoughts are that it may stem from the outset. When you do LL you make a committment to abstain for 100 days, there is no such committment with CD and so in some way can feel never ending. The psychology of LL may be different because you have made that promise you should stick with it. The reason why I always offer plans as an alternative is because I worry that getting into a cycle of SSing, cheating, feeling guilty for cheating, trying again, cheating etc etc is such a negative place. If you give yourself permission to eat by doing a plan you remove that element of negativity and can feel good about yourself and feel like you are succeeding. Am I making any sense, think I may be waffling!

no, I understand what you mean and it is about the psychology. I understand the theory and it is one I've had to adopt myself while on CD. But I wonder if somehow we can capture the psychology of LL even though we aren't on it. People on LL "cheat" too .... but there isn't the same degree of guilt that comes from it. People realise it is a learning process and, I'm going back to something I posted a couple of months ago, I wonder if there is something really vital about the group mentality (by that I mean on the forum). We all know about the strength of peer pressure and it can be a really positive tool, not necessarily a negative one.

I'm at risk of waffling ... I'll let people read into this as they wish rather than trying to explain it tonight.
I totally get what you mean and tend to agree ;)


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This site is full of people, like me who have done so well on CD (or equivalent) but perhaps have concentrated too much on the negative aspects of the diet rather than the positives: feeling cold, getting fed up, craving food, etc and have slowly stoppped the diet, perhaps thinking that it wouldn't have the inevitable consequences. Only, to kick themselves when they put on the weight and wish that they had stuck at it because now they have to go back to the beginning instead of being in maintenance etc.

Somewhere on here Icemoose has written a brilliant article about the differences in approach we have: there are those that see diets as prison, and are always looking for an escape, and others that see it as a means to an end (he puts it so much better than that), and we have to get the mindset right, stop seeing a diet as a punishment and see it for what it is; the means to freeing ourselves from the prison which we have created for ourselves by being overweight.

If we could bottle the enthusiasm, commitment and motivation that we have on day 1 we could easily get through any diet. But in truth, it's difficult to be that keen when what we really want is to eat like pigs but be slim and beautiful. The choice therefore is ours, short, sharp shock, or a lifetime of misery? I know which one I prefer, but it doesn't mean that this process is any easier for it.

In short, stick to the plan, and don't be like me, who now has to re-lose the weight all over again because I gave in too easily.
cambridge*diet*08 Please dont give up, you have come so far hunny, look at what you have achieved? This diet is the best diet out there, and the losses are great, i did atkins and yes i lost but made me so ill with all that fat! Was awfull...

If you want to eat hunny, why not try adding a meal bit of chicken every night with a pack used as a sauce? i have chicken breast, with chicken and mushroom pack made thick.. i ts gorgous then have a bar later on.... ?

please dont give up though, think about it hard, in 3 months you will be at goal stone a month maybe more..

BUT what eve you decide, i wish you luck.... xxxx
ok i feel soooo much better today...

am going to continue ss'ing until week 12 (2.5 weeks more). I will then re-assess how i feel and consider moving up the plans or continue ss'ing til BMI 25.

so heres to a fresh week... the weekends always make me feel a bit demotivated. week days are so much easier for me.

thanks ladies for all your replies, i guess i was just having a whinge lol xxx
oh dancing thats great news! get back on my wagon, ill give you a lift to wherever you parked yours!

come on lets finish this together. i have about 30lbs to go til my final goal of 9,1 so we can get to our goals together!!!!
i wish i was losing weight at your rate but im losing 4 or 3 or 2 and even one a week....all i can say is how many diets do we get bored on and then quit and become fatter... this diet gives us everything we need and is doing magic on your body.. dr atkins died fat WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU HUN..my personal advice would be to up the plan to 790 or 1000 cals a day or go on a green and red diet which wont give you results like this..as your getting smaller your mind is playing tricks telling you ohhh ONE LITTLE NIBBLE WONT HURT.. but we all no different..hold on hun and eat your tasty meals when your slim and happy on both sides of your body xxx
thanks hotty, i know everyone is right and i need to stick with it.
i agree about my mind playing tricks. i was whingeing on a sunday when i would normally be stuffing my face with a big roast dinner. i guess old habits are dying hard and thats what i wanted to do yesterday when i posted this.
weekdays are easier for me as i am home alone and no plans for going out and socialising... just me and my shakes! just how i like it... for now!!!!!

yippee dancing is back with me. the support works both ways and you have provided me with some sound advice on more than a few of my whinges, sorry i mean posts!

glad you are back with me! hope those kittys are behaving themselves... xxxx
ha ha ha hotty you cant catch me... im aboard our lovely wagon!

there has been no secret. ive been moaning about my losses being small lately. they were bigger to begin with.

i am short and was very heavy so i guess i had alot of excess fat. the more you need to lose the faster it comes off, or so they say.

i can feel it getting slower... and this frustrates me. my scales used to move nearly every other day, now its every 3/4 days. BUT i cant stop weighing myself every morning... even if it does upset me!

i dont drink alot of water anymore, used to drink 5 litres a day... penny has just dropped! maybe thats why i had big losses to start with... aahhh gonna try drinking more as of tomorrow... d'oh.

sorry i cant give you any more advice. im not the best advocate of this diet at the mo, getting v frustrated with not eating!
im 4ft 11 lol so short to.. i weigh daily and the scales drop for me every few days.. i had a week where i didnt drink and lost a stupid pound lol.. i think your still thinking as that unhappy big girl but belive me going by your ticker YOU ARE AMAZING and keep people like me going.. iv only had a computer fpr a few weeks and i couldnt join this site on my little phone so just read replies daily on my little phone screen and belive me hun people just like you got me on this diet and iv never been happier in years so please dont feel sad as your an inspiration you may not no it but people sit behind there screens daily thinking i wanna be her.. IM TALKING ABUOT YOU HUN ALL BY YOURSELF SO PLEASE CARRY THIS POSITIVE DIETING ON NOT JUST FOR YOU BUT US TO XXX
I have to say I've had a big loss this week when I wasn't expecting it, but I've made a huge effort to drink my 4 litres of water every day, even with a couple of slip ups, I've managed to lose more than I have in previous weeks, so I think that's definitely the reason.

Also I find I feel less tempted to cheat when I keep up the water intake, maybe as I always have something to put in my mouth when I want something, only it's water and not food.

I don't have any bars, so can only base any fluctautng weight loss on either hormonal changes, cheating or Water intake.
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hotty that is such a sweet post. it has made me cry lol...

thanks again x

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