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OK, Hope over Experience....


" If at First".....
Against my better judgement I have decided to start a diary. I'm not a diary sort of person so I'll probably get bored & let it go...

However I thought that if I can stick with a diary, perhaps I can stick with the plan.

Today I had coffee & double cream several times between getting up & 12.30 noon.

When I had a two egg omelette with one tomato in it, cooked in butter. Plus a coffee with cream.

At 6pm, I had a lamb leg chop (chump chop) fried in butter plus some cauli & broccoli boiled then mashed in butter. Then a coffee with cream.

At 9pm, I had a hunk of cheddar with coffee & cream.

I have calculated I have about 100mls double cream per day. The coffee I drink at home is Nescafe'.

I have also had some tap water & some slimline tonic water.

Otherwise I've had a boring day waiting for a promised delivery - which never arrived!
Did some (very little) housework.

Sorry diary, my first entry is rather sour but I hate being let down.
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Hello Everhopeful and welcome to the diary zone :)

Hope you enjoy keeping one ... I'm a cream lover too in my coffee... It's SO indulgent!

Hope you have a good day :)


" If at First".....
Thank you too Alpaca, I am just about to start my second coffee with cream. I used to buy fully skimmed milk - before I saw the light :D - and of course used it on things like breakfast cereal too. I am no breakfast eater but ate it on the advice of WW & all the other low fat 'gurus'. :rolleyes: :)

Enjoy your day.
Skimmed is just coloured water in my opinion! Ha ha :)
Morning Everhopful! I hope today goes well for you!

I love the idea of coffee with cream...but i cant stand the taste of coffee!! :sign0137:
Everhopeful said:
Thank you Shellsmithcat, My you do get up early on a Saturday morning. This lazy person rose at 8.30am.. ;)
Enjoy your day.
I wish I could have laid in but on earlies - up before 5am tomorrow too - I wish I liked cream in my tea - having to drink it black cos soya tastes awful x


" If at First".....
OK I plan & hope to eat today,

Breakfast & snack - C&C. (coffee & cream)

Lunch - Egg salad with Hellmann's Mayo. C&C

Snack - C&C

Dinner - Home-made beefburgers with caulli, broccoli & Lurpak. C&C

Late snack - Seriously Strong, C&C

Tap water.

Carbs for the day 17.


" If at First".....
I wish I could have laid in but on earlies - up before 5am tomorrow too - I wish I liked cream in my tea - having to drink it black cos soya tastes awful x
You are so right about Soya, a friend persuaded me to try it, yuck. I gave her the rest of the carton.

I have been reading some of the recipe thread & now I feel feel hungry. :sigh: I have no flax seed so I think I'll cook an egg. :)


This is for life
Morning Everhopeful:)

Good to see your diary and hope you have a good day. Veggie mash sounds nice:)


" If at First".....
Morning Everhopeful:)

Good to see your diary and hope you have a good day. Veggie mash sounds nice:)
Mornin' Katie & thanks. Lol, the veggie mash is because I am a lazy & unenthusiastic cook. I'd live on ready meals if I could buy cheap low carb ones. :D I'm also troubled with afterthought & it was late last night when I remembered I hadn't bought salad stuff. The result is that my canned tuna salad will be salad-less today but my dinner will have cooked green veg in butter to go with the M&S chicken in garlic. The rest will be the same as yesterday.

Enjoy your day hun. :)


" If at First".....
I thought I was doing OK but this evening I was hungry. For the first time in - I have no idea how many years, I boiled two eggs & mashed them up with butter. I thoroughly enjoyed them but it brought my total calories to 1812. Ho hum.
Morning Everhopeful ... I get the munchies sometimes and it's really difficult to deal with for me... Usually I can zap it by drinking water... But you seemed to crack it with the yummy eggs :)


" If at First".....
I'm in too bad a mood to post much today, my email is playing silly beggars. I can receive but not send - Grr!!
Luckily I've got a 2nd email address but I almost always use the first.

Eating belly pork & belly pork + veg today.

Happy eating to all..
I hate it when technology plays up! Hope you manage to sort soon :)


" If at First".....
Thanks hun, It just sorted it self out late yesterday! After tearing my hair out & trying this & that I tried to send yet another email - to myself & it worked!! Error message went as if it had never been... I have emailed others this morning & it's still working. :) My providers of course deny all knowledge! :mad: They do admit though that their engineers are working on something or other. :rolleyes:

Made some veggie soup this morning & now I don't fancy soup so I'll have a Mims with butter. Chicken for evening meal.

Oh heck, I'm sort of lost. The order that should have come on Friday turned up late yesterday afternoon, the delivery people tried to convince me that Fridays delivery man had tried to deliver when I was out & put a card through my door! I was never out & the fairies must have taken the card!! They must think I came down with the last shower! Grr!

So what with that & my email, my diet is not ideal.

Rant over.:)
Morning Everhopeful ... So annoying when deliveries screw up! Hope you have an easier day today :)


" If at First".....
Just started posting before when a granddaughter arrived with my g-grandson who is four years old & packed with energy. His mum has Fibromyalgia & I often wonder how she copes.

Today I've had my usual coffee with double cream - several times, home made veggie soup and will have low carb pork sausage (from Lidls) later, with eggs & tomato. I've not decided what else I'll have, if anything. Nothing inspires at the moment.

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