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ok i thin k i need to eat


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
since around 2pm today i have felt well rough i have no energy i feel dizzy & faint im thinkin if im getting ill i need a good meal in me...

in no way do i wanna give up just i think i need to do this one meal to give me a boost i was thinking of a home made curry ???

how bad is this going to effect my weight loss??? or shud i switch to a higher plan just till i get more strenght i just dunno wat to do ...........

i havent been drinking as much as norm atm so i suspect this contrubutes to it aswell i dont have any hungar just my head is spinning and im so weak ....help:eek::sigh:
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Hi Mojo

Not sure if you are doing SS or SS+ but have you had all your shakes yet today? I moved from Ss to SS+ because I came close to passing out in work an now I am absolutely fine. Dizzy and faint is not good. I would avoid a homemade curry though - what about lean chicken or quorn and some veg? I put dried chilli flakes on everything as for some reason they fill me up!
Hope this helps? xx


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You would be best to have a SS+ meal from green and white lists. I got to a point like this and really felt better after some cucumber and reduced fat cottage cheese. I don't know if it affected my loss much that week but I didn't mind and I didn't feel bad or guilty for having it.


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Awww Jo.. big hugs hon its not a nice feeling.......
I would change to ss+ that way you can have a meal in the evening I know its only a light meal but its something.
I would try and stay clear of the curry though.........
Hope your feeling better later hon . take care xxx


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
i just gutted to feel like this but i was doing my shopping today and i really felt like i was gunna pass out.......

im currently doing ss i think i will see how i feel after the curry has to be the curry as that all i have frozen in the freezer!

i was supposed to getting my 1st 2 moro if i eat now im gutted that i wont get it ;-(

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It's mad how on CD you can be on top of the world one minute and then feeling rubbish the next. I was gonna say look how happy you were earlier but then I was too and now I'm shattered! When you feel good you feel really good and when you feel bad it's really bad. At the end of the day I suppose we should listen to what our bodies are telling us. x
whatever you do dont do curry!!!! have an extra pack if you have a few spare and have another litre of water. and if its any reassurance we all get days like that! I had one yesterday and nearly ordered an egg foo yung. If you have to eat then go for a green and white meal and have some chicken and then you may still get your first stone tomorrow chick x

stay on here tonight and hopefully it will pass xxx
This is how I've been feeling for the last 3 days! Today I've drunk a lot more and feel better. I'd definately not have the curry but perhaps have something like a small handful of nuts with some salad leaves.. Perhaps some cottage cheese or anything that you can find to nibble on which is protein. You will be surprised how much better you will feel after just a small amount. Don't give into the curry, it's a craving!


Ditto don't do the curry

Have your shakes, have an extra one and get some fluid down you woman, you've said you've not drank enough today.

At the end of the day this is Your diet, your weight and your weigh in tomorrow. Its you who's going to be gutted if you don't get that stone off, but its also you who's feeling a bit ropey too.

I can't physically hold you back, but I can tell you what I would do. I wouldn't do it. If its a virus/illness a meal isn't going to cure it. Hang off until tomorrow, go for a nap and take it easy just now.


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
i havent eaten yet ...........i just had a porridge and black coffee but still my head hurts so much and i feel week ...time is on my side thou its 8pm and i cud go to bed in the next hour .......thx girls x


Well done Jo!

If I could hug you I would - try and have a couple of painkillers and another 500 ml of water, even 2 cups of green tea or something to get some extra fluid in.

I'm positive you will feel better tomorrow after some sleep and a fantastic weigh in.
I agree with Lexie, try some plain water as coffee tends to dehydrate.
Most headaches are caused by dehydration apparently. Have you got any of the water flavourings yet?


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Hi Mojo-jojo well done you for not giving in to the curry :)

I know just how you feel though and you will never be on your own with this. So many of us struggle so much and will continue to do so - I for one will be a beg struggler and will hve a few blips on the way. The biggest difference for me this time is that I will get straight back on track after rather than sabotaging it and weeks later heavier!!!!

We can do this and will get to where we want in no time... :) Big hugs xx
JO don;t eat it!!"!!!!!

if you are desperate have another shakem or a porridge or something... you don't want to eat food!!!
I know we talked about weaknesses etc... and i know you will beat yourself up if you do it!!
try and have an extra shake instead of food if you are desperate!
Whatever though have a hug... you are doing great...



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Well done for resisting Jo, you will feel so pleased with yourself tomorrow! :)
Have a couple of paracetamol and an early night with a good book. look forward to your weigh in post tomorrow and that first stone...

Hope you feel better very soon.

Hope you're feeling better today.Well done for not having the curry...it's all too easy to talk ourselves into having something.i have to resist several times a week-I generally find the thought of confessing all on here helps me resist.


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Hope you are OK this morning Mojo... and well done for resisting the curry. Big hugs.


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