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ok this isnt fun now


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Oh dear ~ is it the taste that you don't like, have you got a good variety so you can try different flavours? Have you thought about getting the briks instead?


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When your new to the shakes you are more aware of the vitamins and minerals in them especially if you were lacking them yourself which is often the way.

Drinking a glass of water before hand can help to dilute the taste.

As for the hungry feeling it does get easier once you go into ketosis which can take three to four days.

As domino has suggested perhaps you might need to change some of the flavours.

I know I found the soups hard to take at the start. So I stuck with the sweet flavours.

Love Mini xxx
yeah i just cant seem to drink a whole one, they taste nice at 1st then i start gagging lol

i wanna cry im hungry but bloated and im fed up :(
just for something to chew and its different lol


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st3.5lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 1st12.5lb(10.43%)
You can divide the packet up and make one half now and the other later on.

Love Mini xxx
im even struggling to get half of it down


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S: 13st6lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 0st7lb(3.72%)
Perhaps you need to dilute them a bit more until you get used to the taste. You will find some you love and some you hate, but you won't know that til you've tried them.

Are you just having sweet or savoury ones ~ or are you struggling with them all.

Stick at it or give your CDC a call and see what he/she advises.
im struggling with them all i feel like i could be sick at any moment

i just made a muffin and it was vile, ive still got one food pack left for the day

i could cry i really could


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Hiya Chuckie

I remember in my first day on Lighterlife that I nearly gave it up as the Thai Chilli soup and Raspberry shake were vile in my opinion but everyone said to stick with it and try the other flavours.

So all I can say is stick with it! There are 9 flavours of milkshake, 6 flavours of soup, 2 flavours of tetra and 6 flavours of bar so there must be something in there that you will love so don't get down in the dumps.

Give your CDC a call as they will be very keen to make sure you are ok and that you have the packs you like.



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Aw Chuckie, I kind of felt the same as you on day one and thats the reason I switched to 790 on that same day by adding my 790 meal allownace. But you may be ok and today might just be your worst day, tomorrow may just get better?

I didnt get on with any of the shakes or the soups, but then I tried a choc tetra with hot water added to make it into a hot choc drink and voila Ive found what I like on the cd diet and Im sticking to it. You just need to find what it is you like.

Maybe trying 790 and working down to ss might be the way if you really, really arent managing? Ive just done 790 this week and as of tomorrow Im trying ss as I feel ready and have had this week to get used to hardly any food intake.

Just think in a couple of months, you will look fab, you just need to find what you like!!!
Hi Chuckie <hugs>

How long have you been SSing? I must admit the first few shakes I had made me feel like I was gonna be sick...
But the feeling has passed <sometimes through mind over matter> I have always struggled eating in the morning and a shake first thing is always quite hard.

I dilute mine more than recommended with 1/2 litre of water and some ice which gives a nice (not too strong ) creamy shakes... Have you tried warming some of the shakes up? I was pleasantly surprised.

The other thing it might be worth considering is, that if you are new at this your personal sabbotage system might be rearing it's ugly head.... I found that by sitting down and having a really good think about what I wanted from my future has made things seem more palatable...
I hope things get better for you soon...

try and keep at it!


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LL shakes made me really sick so did the soups :(
Have you tried the tetras instead?I have never had the CD shakes only the tetras and you can freeze them!
all the shakes just seem to have a horrible salty taste to them, ive got heartburn and i have really bad phobia of vomiting and i feel like im going to. i really dont know how im gonna manage to get the other food pack down

all i want is cottage cheese!!


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Are you drinking lots of water as well ? They can be a bit strange to start with as they're so concentrated.

The shakes I like blended with loads of ice to make a thick milkshake type drink - not quite McDonalds but the nearest I'll get for the next few months :sigh:
i found the first week very hard i was gagging and it took me forever and a day to drink anything. After a while i think i lost my tastebuds and im now managing ok. Keep trying to go with it and take your time drinking them. Good luck
because im on ss

im seriously hating every minute of this and seriously considering going back to weightwatchers, the only thing thats stopping me is everyone saying i told you so

seems so irrational but im sat here in tears
Ok if all you want is cottage cheese then maybe you should have some cottage cheese??? but only the amount listed on AAM.... not a whole pack or whatever way it comes lol

When I started I didn't think I would stomach the shakes... I just closed my eyes and imagined what I would look like when I got to goal and all the lovely clothes I could wear and ya know what... the shakes tasted that little bit nicer.. that was on lipotrim tho... I love cd stuff.. well some of it :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Its sooo well worth it in the end... stick with it hun you won't regret it

how long ya ss'ing??

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